Saturday, April 17, 2010

You Had Me at '10 Separate Wash Cycles'

So, the other night at work I was having a good ol' chin wag with the two other women I work with.  The three of us are all single moms (can you feel the estrogen in the room...), so we naturally gravitate towards subjects like:
  1. how to save money 
  2. how tired we are 
  3. how absolutely fabulous, brilliant, hilarious, angelic our kids are
I totally get the irony of this, because not even 10 years ago, the subject matter would have been how cute so and so was or how fat so and so looked in those jeans or how that new hair cut made so and so look 10 years younger...

And then I mentioned the new purchase (well, there were actually two new purchases...but t.v. smeevee I say, and oh let me tell you why...)  I am officially in love with this man.

Mr. Dyson

No.  I have not gone crazy.  I know he's a little old for me.  And a little geeky looking, too.  But this man has single-handedly changed my life for the better.  He invented this...

Doesn't it look like it belongs to NASA or something???

This is the Dyson 23 and it sucks. up. everything.  I guess it would be more accurate to say he's changed Q's life for the better.  Personally, I haven't vacuumed since Q was 2.  He loves the vacuum.  The love affair started at a birthday party when he was six months old, and as soon as he was able to stand and balance himself he has vacuumed.  In fact, it's like a treat (or a bribe!!)..."Q, if you don't eat your dinner, you cannot vacuum.  I'm sorry.  That's just the way it is."  Not a word of a lie, those words have come out of my mouth.   So naturally, Q was the first to take this baby for a spin.  This thing was sucking things out of our carpet that had probably been there for 5 years.  We stood around Q, my mom and I as he carefully turned it on.  We oohhhhhed and ahhhhed at how quiet it was, how it got right into the corners, how we had to only go over the carpet once and it got it all!!!!  And the stairs...Mr. Dyson thought of everything, it has a hook that goes on the stair, so the vacuum doesn't fall on top of you while you work.  Sheer brilliance, I tell you, brilliance.  We took turns.  We bonded.  And it didn't take 45 minutes like the old one.  I mean, the old one was lime green, so it gets points there, but then the points stop.  If you're in the market for a new vacuum, you have my permission to also fall in love with Mr. Dyson.  I don't mind sharing him.

Our single mom conversation then switched to the subject of front loading washing machines.  One of the girls just got a new one and I am jealous.  I don't mind saying I get goose bumps when I talk front loaders.  I am dying, dying I tell you, to have one.  And the next spare grand or so I have lying around will be spent on one of these puppies...

It's just so....pretty....

Shut the front door!  It's a washer and a dryer in one!!!!!!

Red?  Are you kidding me?  It's fabulous!!!

Well, c''s blue...need I say more?
Really, just makes me want to wash some clothes!!  Who needs a man when you can daydream about major appliances?? Not to mention how useful these thing are... that's just mean...

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