Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Your Office or Mine?

I love the office.  Love it!!  I was watching it last night and it just makes me feel so, so good, because I don't feel so alone.  There are incompetent companies out there, other than the ones I have worked for.  Sometimes I have to ask myself, "Is it really that hard, or am I really just that good?"  I don't think it's that hard.  I've never been a brain surgeon, nor a rocket no one's life has ever depended on me...entirely.  I mean I did load aircraft's for a living, not literally...but on paper, like the weight and balance of the aircraft's...which is pretty important...but there was always a pilot double checking my work.  All I can say 'bout that is, *Phew* because holy moly math was not my strong suit.  Secret - I still count with my fingers, like 8 + 5 = 9, 10, 11, 12, 13...13!!!

Last night's *rerun* episode was all worrisome because the company was on the brink of bankruptcy, and they were all waiting by the phone, literally, to see if they're out of a job (uh....I've been there a time or two...two...I've been there twice...and both times, it was bad news, bear) and so to get their minds off the stress, Michael forces them all to play a murder mystery game.  I love it.  The ship is sinking, lets throw a party.  Recently, I found out that a boss I once had - who told me I should always carry a clipboard because it makes me look more *professional* has been further promoted.  Geez...sometimes I think just even showing up at work and breathing puts me ahead of the game.  I guess I'm still just a supervisor - I do not carry a clipboard around with me everywhere I go.  It gets in the way, I put it down, I lose it.  I'm more of a *hands on* supervisor...

Sometimes I have to just turn it off because it's so incredibly near to my reality...

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