Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wish I Had Thought Of That

 See that pretty lil red button there that says "Pin it"?  Well, I found it here....

This is probably the most amazing website I've seen.  People from all walks of life can create these virtual photo albums of things that make them happy.  It's like when you were a kid and you used to cut pages out of magazines and put them in a binder...cuz I know I wasn't the only one who ever did that, right?  And then the whole world can see them.  It's like virtual people watching.  It's like looking deep inside some one's brain and seeing what makes them tick.  I could spend hours and hours here. 

It's great for blogging because as long as you give credit where credit is due, you can use any image you see there.  And the images are beautiful.  And inspiring.  It's great for my organizational side, because you place the pics in their categories, whether they be Quotes or Fashion or Beauty.  It's great because if you're planning on renovating a room, instead of having physical samples, you can use virtual ones.  It's great because if you're planning a wedding, you use a 'board' to 'pin' pictures of ideas you'd like to copy for your own special day.  It's great because you can invite friends to look at your different boards, give their opinions, post their own pics.  It's great because you find a pic on line and want to save it, you 'pin' it and you're done.  The image is imortalized on your page, instantly categorized.  It's brilliant, I tell you!!  Brilliant!!

I think I've found my new...*shopping*

If I can't buy pretty things, at least I can look at them, dream of them, organize them....*pin* them!!

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