Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Q-isms - Revelations and the National Anthem

There are a few things about boys that I am learning are *typical*.  Little boys are not complex, and I don't mean this to be mean.  I mean that what you see is definitely what you get.  I can (and have) spend minutes with other mothers I've just met and we can instantly bond over our little boys and their *typical* traits. 

For instance, I can send Q to his bedroom to put on a t-shirt and shorts and like 15 minutes later, he'll still be naked.  He'll be in his bedroom, but he has been totally distracted by some toy he hasn't given any thought to for months.  All of the sudden, it is the coolest.thing.ever.  First common trait among boys: easily distracted.

I cannot even tell you how many times I've told Q to go get something and less than 5 seconds later, I hear, "MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!  I CAN'T FIND IT.  I'VE LOOKED EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!"  I tell him to look again, this time giving him a hint, and then I hear again, "NOPE.  IT'S NOT HERE!!"  And yes, he's yelling, because he's upstairs and I'm downstairs.  Then I get all yelly too, "IF I FIND IT IN LESS THAN 5 SECONDS MISTER, YOU'RE IN TROUBLE...." and every single time I do find it.  In less than 5 seconds.  Q cannot find something that is right under his nose.  Ever.  Second common trait: Not very observant.

Q is a man of few words, and this is trait #3.  Every day I ask him how his day was and every day I get, "Good."  That's it.  Good.  Every day.  I try to probe.  "Well, what was your favourite part???" "I forget."  Either my son has a very serious problem with his short term memory or he just can't be bothered to tell me.  I also get this, "What did you do today?" and I get, "Nothing."  Nothing. I haven't seen you in 8 hours and you haven't done anything??  Something is wrong.  Also, when I ask him what he's thinking he says, "Nothing."


So, I kind of had this revelation:  How many times have you asked a guy, who looks super deep in thought, what he's thinking?  Expecting some profound words to come from his mouth, he looks at you and says, "Nothing."  I know that I have and I was all pissed off because I thought he didn't feel comfortable sharing his thoughts, or didn't think I was important enough to his waste precious time sharing his thoughts with me.  But nope, turns out...he really wasn't thinking anything at all.

Or, when was the last time you got your hair done, thinking it was super drastic and super awesome and your guy doesn't comment or notice at all?  And then you get all distraught, "He doesn't even look at me anymore." SOB.  Ya, chances are...he's just a guy and he wouldn't notice right away if you shaved your head bald.  I know, and now I feel a little bad because it's really not their fault.  They're born that way.  We're just so different, us women and those men.  I think that if I ever have a boyfriend again, I'll (maybe) be a little more patient to their *inadequacies*.  They just can't help it.

But back to Q...before bed cuddles are the best time of our day.  We cuddle, he shares things with me that he doesn't think of during the day.  Last night, he started singing "Edelweiss" in his sweet soprano voice.  I asked him if he learned it in music class and he was really quiet.  This meant that he learned it in the dreaded Mrs. J's class, and he doesn't want to say, because I will say..."Well, she cannot be all bad if she taught 20 children to sing such a beautiful song," as I've done before when he sings a song she's taught. 

Me: You know, Q.  Edelweiss is the National Anthem of Austria  (which by the way, I just googled and turns out it isn't, but he doesn't have to know that, and really it's not the point of the story, okay?)

Q:  Ugh, I'm glad I don't have to sing that song every Monday morning!

Me:  You sing the Canadian Anthem every Monday?

Q:  Yep.

Me:  Like you have an assembly and sing it all together?

Q:  Nope

Me:  In your classroom?

Q:  Yep.

Me:  And they play the music over the loud speaker?  Do you put your hand over your heart?

Q:  Yep.  Mrs. J does but not me. 

Me:  Well, sing it then.

And he does.  He sings the whole song from start to finish, word for word.  It was amazing.  I was so proud of him.  I was so proud of his school for taking the time to teach the children a little patriotism, because let's face Canadians are not as patriotic as our neighbours to the south even though we have a really fabulous thing going on here in Canada.

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