Thursday, June 28, 2012

This Time For Reals

Two fairly significant things that happened to me in the past couple of weeks have convinced me that some fairly drastic changes were necessary in my life.  

First thing:  Q and I went to a soccer game here in Vancouver.  I was happily snapping pictures with my iPhone, just lost in my own world, when this kind gentleman behind me asked if I wanted him to take a picture of both of us.  I'm not the most photogenic person in the best of situations, and so I shy away from the camera all.the.time.  But the guy was so nice for offering, I felt bad for saying no. 

Here is said photo:

Second thing:  I weighed myself.  And I weighed 5lbs more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant with a 10lb 6oz baby.  I don't believe I need to say any more.  

Do you see what's going on here?  I'm pretty sure I don't have to point it out, but just in case you didn't notice...I have no chin.  I look like a linebacker - look at those shoulders.  And if you look real close, the ball is resting on my stomach!!!!

This is a sad state of affairs, my friends.  

When I quit smoking (insert fanfare) 18 months ago (insert more, louder fanfare), I substituted food for smokes.  I felt bad for myself.  I had a pity party for one like all day every day.  Some days as I laid in bed, I would add up all the food I had eaten during the day and would usually add up 3 chocolate bars, some jujubes and some yummy, yummy carbs.  I was horrified.  It didn't seem like I ate that many chocolate bars. It wasn't a conscious decision.  It just sort of happened.  Then I would eat really, really healthy food for a day or two and I'd be right back to where I started.  Stuffing my face.  And usually in private.  

Of course, I knew I was gaining weight.  My clothes kept shrinking, and I'd have to buy new ones in larger sizes.  I would get winded when I bent over to tie my shoes because my gut would get in the way.  I started wearing boring granny panties because I just didn't feel attractive anymore.  My sweat pants were my "go-to" clothes.  I kept telling myself it was impossible to lose weight.  I kept telling myself that eating made me happy and there was nothing wrong with that.  And then I saw these big glaring signs and didn't want to play the pity game anymore.

Under the guidance of my brother who has will power made of steel and can lose weight by blinking, I have created (and stuck to...) a meal plan for the past 2 1/2 weeks and.....


I have lost 7 pounds.  

Okay, so I still have 35 to go, but what ever.  I can do it.  

But I know, I know what you're asking....How, oh how do you do it?


I figure I was consuming approximately 3500 calories a day.  That's a pound of fat every single day.  That is horrifying.  I dropped my calorie intake to 1200 a day, and cut out all unnatural sugars and consume very, very low carbs.  I know right?  1200 calories.  No sugar.  Low carbs.  Why bother living, right?  After the first week, all I had lost was the will to live.  Seriously.  The first week was the hardest - I was going through major sugar withdrawal.  Major.  Like cold sweats and head aches.  It was hard.  It was impossible.  I was miserable.  I was hungry all the time.  I had no energy.  Every day, without fail my brother would send me these cute inspiring text messages like, "You can do it, Sis...luv ya!!"  and I'd be all "Whatever." 

I'd text him, "Can I have whole wheat pasta?" and he'd reply "no."  






It was a really, really bad two weeks.  

But my tummy started to slim down with no carbs to bloat it.  

And then, I started to have more energy.  Like a lot more energy.  Like, I have been to the doctor numerous times because I'm always sooooo tired.  Test after test would prove nothing was wrong.  It was so frustrating.  Everything was working fine, so why was I exhausted all the time?  You guys, it's like I've found this amazing super drug...eating healthy and eating clean.  I'm not exactly ready to run a marathon or anything, but I have energy like I've never had before. 

Today, I weighed myself for the first time since starting to eat well.  Expecting maybe one or two pounds difference, I was totally surprised when I found out I had lost 7 pounds.  7!!!!  It's so amazing that I celebrated....

...with some ice cream.  (Hey, the cheat days are vital...)

Did I mention my brother owes me a really, really nice dinner if I don't lose 15 lbs in a month?

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