Friday, January 11, 2013

Where Has Customer Service Gone???

Oh. My. Goodness.

People should know not to mess with me when angry uterus is in the house.  Yes.  This includes strangers.  Especially when it's the Customer Service industry.  Even when over the phone (you should be able to tell by the tone of my voice), but especially in public...if you cannot see it in my eyes then at least pay attention to my pheromones or something.  It would make all of our lives so much easier.  Mine, yes...but probably yours too.

So, I'm in the market for a new pair of glasses.  My benefits for the new year have kicked in.  Mine are getting older and are starting to scratch.  I figure after four years, it's about time for a change.  I do some research online.  I really like Lenscrafters because they really are done in about an hour, reasonably priced, and like I said, these ones are four years old and only now have started to scratch.  I picked out a few fav's on line, made an eye appointment.  I waited for the store to open and then I called to ask a seemingly simple question.

Him: Lenscrafters.  This is mumble mumble mumble trail off....

Me:  Hi there, I'm just calling to see if you direct bill to my insurance company...

Him:  Oh we don't do that here.

Me:  Like this specific Lenscrafters?  Because....

(he cuts me off...)

Him:  No Lenscrafters doesn't do that.

Me: Oh.  That's funny.  Cuz I was just on your website and...

(he cuts me off again...)

Him:  No.  Eye wear stores don't do direct billing.  That's mostly just dentists and stuff like that.

(side note:  Pearl Vision does it....I know for a fact.  I just didn't like any of their glasses...)

Me:  So....your website is wrong then?

Him:  You must have been on the US website.  They do it there, like in California and stuff.  But not in Canada. 

(Thank you for the geography lesson)

Me:  Nope.  I was on where it says to call a store and confirm which insurance plans are accepted directly...

(he cuts me off a third time...seriously?!?!?!?!)

Him:  You were on the wrong website.

Me:  So where it said all provinces but Quebec...

(I don't even think it's necessary to point out he cut me off yet another time...)

Him:  We don't bill insurance companies directly at Lenscrafters.

Me:  Okay, so your website is wrong.  Thanks.  



Check out the link.

Am I missing something?  Do you see how even the link itself has insurance plans in the name?????

The thing that was so infuriating was that this kid (puberty hadn't hit yet, I don't think....) was so freaking cocky and condescending.  Dude, I was willing and prepared to drop at least $500.00 in your store by the end of the day and you couldn't even take the time to listen to me finish my sentences.  And you talked to me like I was 5 years old.  I've been reading for like 30 years.  I've been a consumer for like 25.  I think I can read the fine print on a website. 

Dude probably lives in his parents house and uses his pay checks to pay for his souped-up lime green Mustang with sub-woofers in the trunk.  And gel.  He spends the left overs on hair gel...  

Let me tell you, there has been a whole generation of kids raised up who think they know it all, haven't had to work towards earning anything in their lives - it's the Generation Y (as in Why me??).  They think they have it so hard, but have been handed everything on a silver plate.  And then they talk to!!!!) like I'm stupid.  Dude, I've worked hard every day of my life.  Let me tell you, in my day...oh, never mind.  I'm not that old yet.  Oh, and what happened to 'The Customer is ALWAYS Right???'

Small print:  If you happen to click on the link and I am somehow (unfathomably) wrong...please do not tell me.


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