Sunday, November 8, 2009


Subsequent to my previous post, I forgot to mention the silver lining. Of course, as a pessimist, I tend to look at the glass as half empty. My theory is that if I expect the worst and something better happens, then I am pleasantly surprised. Anyways, my point is just that sometimes I forget to see the good, because I'm so busy dwelling on the bad.
The good here is that I am saving money on razors and shaving gel. I haven't shaved my legs in probably a month. In fact, the last time I shaved them was only because Q told me they looked like Uncle Dede's legs (my brother....) Sufficiently embarrassed, I shaved them. I figure winter is coming very, very soon so a little extra layer for warmth will be welcome. If I can't cuddle with a man for warmth, I might as well wait until Q starts complaining again. Let's just file this one under "Too Much Information"


  1. Hi there, wans sent over to your blog by you writing. You are very funny. Looking forward to reading more about you and your little boy. Hope you have a great day. Come by and visit me sometime.

  2. I can't go without 'proper hair removal'. I remember I was going to have my legs waxed and she wanted me to not shave for a month. I went for a week and broke down. Just think of all the pain I saved myself!!!

    Hey, I tagged you for an award! C'mon by and get it when you get the chance...

  3. Amen Sister! It has become a little contest with myself to see how long I can get my leg gotta keep my mind off of being single somehow.

  4. Yay for hairy legs.

    KrysStar, I once had them so hairy that they poked thru my pants. I'm embarrassed to admit it, it was super gross. (and don't even think about telling anyone that while the bush era has ended in the U.S. of A, it is still alive and well in my world...)

    f8hasit...thank you, thank you, thank absolutely made my day!! I'm just so giddy that you thought of me :)