Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Me Do Myself"

My mom says I've been saying this since I was two, "Me do myself".  At bedtime, I also used to say, "No bbd!  No bbd!"  Wasn't I just the cutest thing ever?  Q, when he was three, and getting into trouble - would start to cry and say, "Mommy, you hurt my fault!"  Ahhhh, it is true - kids do say the darndest things!

Anyways, back to me.  I like to do things myself.  I'm a take charge kinda person.  It's really what's got me through a lot of tough times.  It's what got me through leaving my ex with $300.00 in my pocket.  It's what enables me to put furniture together with tools from the dollar store.  It's what I rely on when I have to fix the toliet without calling a plumber.  I like that things are done my way, on my time.   I like to do things myself (I know I've said this twice now, but it bears repeating.)


Q and I have been living on our own for three years now.  I kinda thought that by now I would have married some rich, handsome man and spending my days getting manicures and picking up the kids from school.  But we all know that hasn't happened...yet.  And it's getting lonely.  Q is a great conversationalist when it comes to hockey and hot wheels and webkinz, and don't even get him started on Pokemon.  But he's sort of lacking in the adult conversation skills.  I can't even remember the last time he asked me about my day.

All this to say I am moving in with my mom.  I haven't lived with my mom since I was 17.   Of course, our relationship has evolved some in the past 15 years, so I'd like to think I'm not so much moving in with my mom, but moreso my equal.  We've found a wonderful house, with two fireplaces, a double garage, a huge backyard.  It's got enough room that we'll have our own space.  It's got a huge master suite with a jacuzzi tub large enough for 5!  (Not that I would ever, ever share it with 4 other people...I'm just saying...)  We can have pets!  A cat!  A dog!  A zoo!!!!!

I'm so excited about this move.  I'm excited for the companionship.  I'm excited for the change.  I'm excited for the home cooked meals every day, someone to do my laundry and clean up after me (hahahaha......just kidding, mom....really....)

I'm not so excited about packing.  Ugh, and then the moving of the furniture and boxes and blech.

Any volunteers?


Is this thing on???


  1. It sounds wonderful! Good for you and your mom and Q! I'd help move, but, um, it's freezing here and I'm worried about leaving my patio plants untended....sorry....

  2. PS I have a terrific terrier available. What's that new address????

  3. WOW - that sounds so exciting! I am so happy for you, cherish this time with your mom. Thank goodness you have the kind of relationship that you can both lean on each other and make this wonderful move together. Good luck and please keep us updated - also post some pics so we can see your new digs!

  4. i think that's great news! after i had natalie, we stayed with my mom & dad for a while... and it was really great. and now we live just 5 minutes away and i LOVE it. i'm pretty sure you & your mom (and not to mention Q!) will benefit! ~lisa.

  5. Wow, that sounds awesome. I'm sure Q will love it. If Karen sends you her pet terrier, I will gladly box up the cats and send them. But, are you bringing your pet rats with you? You certainly cannot leave them.

    Help you move? Um...I have to work that day...somewhere.

  6. the rats are staying put thank you very much. i will take the terrier. and maybe one cat. or two. do they come together? oh, what the hey...i'll take 'em all.

    and thanks for all the well wishers (well wishings? it sounds wrong...) although i'm a little disappointed in the lack of volunteers for moving. work? lame excuse. plants? put a bag over them, they'll be fine.