Monday, November 29, 2010

You Know You're Old When...

I know that in the big scheme of things 33 is not old.  Geez, hopefully I'm not even middle-aged.  I'd like to live older than 66.  75 - 80 would be good.  Old enough that you've lived a good life and seen your child graduate university and marry, not too old that someone else is dressing and bathing you (God willing!)  But I am getting older.  Older than my 20 year old self, that's for darn sure.  Lately, I've been compiling a list in my head of proof I'm not as young as I once was....

  1. I say things like, "that's for darn sure..." (and this time I purposely left out the "tooting" for fear it made me seem reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaallllly old...)
  2. The store I've been shopping in for years starts selling pants that have no buttons/zippers, and have an elastic waist - for 'ease' - say the in store advertisements.  Sorry, have one less customer, effective immediately.
  3. My bedtime is 10:00pm on the weekends. 
  4. My idea of a fabulous night out, is a night in...
  5. My son comes home from school asking for Silly Bandz and BeyBlades and you have no idea what he's talking about.  I had a difficult time googling it too, because I did't know how to spell it.
  6. I have to take the new winter coat I bought Q back because it makes him look "like a girl..." (it's red).  This is momentous.  It's the first thing I've bought him that he doesn't like.  Here we go...
  7. My son's soccer coaches are 14.  Now, I realize they're in high school and all, I guess I forgot that I wasn't.  They were talking about their school dance next month...which is one is going to wear a bow tie.  My last school dance was almost 15 years ago.
  8. A night out with the girls is dinner and a drink and home by 11:00.  No more wild parties, no more drinking til I'm stupid, no more poor drunken choices...
  9. Someone says "back in the day" and they're referring to MY day...true story.  And yes, she's still alive.
  10. I'm choosing function over fashion.  Like every.single.time.  High heels are not my friend.  Ballerina flats, however, are.
  11. My excuse for my behaviour/memory/exhaustion/weight is my age.
How do you know you're old(er) than before?

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