Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Q-isms - Jokes

Q is one of the very few 7 year old's who actually gets sarcasm.  He has impeccable timing.  He can deliver one liners better than most adults I know.  He has us laughing on a daily basis.  But unlike most 7 year old's, he doesn't quite 'get' jokes - you know, ones that have a punchline (he's all over fart jokes and such...)  Admittedly, I cannot tell a joke because I always, always forget the punchline or some really important part of the joke. So, this is just so funny to me, I giggle over and over again to myself whenever I think of it.

Q:  Mommy, do you want to hear a story?

Me:  Sure

Q:  Okay.  So, this French guy who only speaks french is visiting an English city.  He goes into a music store and a lady is practicing her singing, and she sings, "Me, me, me, me, me, me".  Later on in the day, he is hungry so he goes into a restaurant and they are playing music and a song that goes, "Forks and knives, knives and forks."  After his meal, he passes by a police man who is leaning over a dead body.  The police man asks, "Who killed this man?"  The french man answers, "Me, me, me, me, me."  The policeman says, "Well, how did you do it?"  and the man replies, "Forks and knives, knives and forks."   

The funny thing about this is that my kid cannot remember what he did in school ever (unless he really doesn't do anything) yet he could remember every single detail of this story and didn't stumble once.  The second thing about this that made me giggle was that he thought his best friend J came up with this story all on his own - jokes like this have been around since I was a child.  

And the funniest thing about this was....

Q:  Like, what are the odds that the only words this guy knows are the ones that get him into trouble?? 

(Really?  How many 7 year old boys say *what are the odds?*)

Me:  That's the whole point, honey!!  It's a joke.

Q:  Oh.  Really? 


Q:  Okay, that makes so much more sense.

Me:  Ya, kids have been telling jokes like this one since I was a little girl!

Q:  Really?  So J didn't make it up?

Man, that kid just cracks me up!!

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