Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Like Looking in a Mirror

I have a sister-in-law. 

Often times, when you hear someone talk about their 'in-law's' it is followed by an eye roll or a sigh or an obscenity under their breath. 

But not me.  Nope, not me.  I loooooooooove my sister-in-law, so much so, we ignore the in-law stuff.  Early on when my brother first started dating her, I told him that if they ever broke up I would be losing a brother.  The three of us hang out often - they don't mind me being the third wheel (or maybe they do and are just too polite to say...)  Last summer, we went on a road trip to Seattle - the two of them, and me and Q.  For a time before their wedding, A lived with us.  I recall one Thanksgiving with 3 women (A, my momma, and me) in the kitchen and not even one argument was had.  She's a good fit, we all agree.  At their wedding reception, I asked my brother again why it took him so long to find my sister, but then thanked him profusely for doing so.

We think a lot alike, Alice and me.  We're drawn to the same clothes in our favourite stores, we share the same weakness for Nutella,we finish each other's sentences or say the same thing at the same time and we break into song in the exact same spot of the exact same jingle every single time.  We usually dissolve into a fit of giggles, and it's my brother who rolls his eyes.  One or two times, he has asked that we stop singing along to some song or another because, his words..."I did not marry my sister!!!!!"

A few times at Church, people have said, "Hi, A!" to me and I just smile and say "Hi!" back, assuming they're used to seeing my bro with her more than with me.  People say the same to her, "Hi, C!!" and she does the same.  I don't think we look alike, except for the hair length and colour.  She's about three inches taller than me, has beautiful brown eyes and is stunning.  I mean the girl is gorgeous! 

We went for sushi, the three of us the other day and on our way there we ran into a neighbor that my brother had just met.  My brother made the introductions, starting with his wife, and then with me.  The guy looked puzzled, and said, "Really?  I thought you were going to say your wife's sister.  She's your sister?!??!?!"  My brother quietly replied, "Ya, I'm not quite sure what happened there..."  The three of us laughed about it all through dinner.

Then, A got to Church before me and when the man at the door asked her if he could help seat her, she smiled and told him she was looking for someone.  He was persistent and offered his help, what did this person look like...A stopped for a moment and then said, "Kinda like this...." and pointed to her face.  The guy, without missing a beat, says, "Oh ya, I haven't seen her yet!" 

Now, I'm sure Freud would have a hey day with this and all sorts of theories about why my brother married his sister.  You hear about women marrying their *father* all the time.  My one friend's husband looks more like her dad than she does...and she never even noticed til people pointed it out.  I'm not going to go there.  I'll just take it for what it's worth...a compliment, if I look like this beautiful woman, I'm not doing too poorly.  And if we are similar in character, even more the compliment, I think.

I'm pretty sure she feels the same way.

as you can see...we really don't look that similar (i'm on the right, just in case you can't tell...)

awwww, i just love her to bits!!
Then there was that one time my girlfriend knocked on my door, my mother answered and my friend proceeded to have a full conversation with my mom, believing it was me....what does that mean, I wonder?

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