Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Q-isms - Phobias

Before bed, Q and I always read stories...and of course, my child is brilliant and requires more intellectual stimulation than a fairy tale or a nursery rhyme, he requires non-fiction.  He actually said the words, 'I just want to learn about everything mommy!'  So learn he shall.  We read books about snakes and crocodiles and oceans and planets.  Right now we're reading this National Geographic Almanac book about anything and everything you could ever imagine. Even I find it amazing and informative.  Did you know that messages from your brain travel along your nerves at up to 322km/hr??  Like that's super fast, huh?

We're reading the book last night and we get to this page that describes 18 extreme fears.  We get half way through this list of phobias and Q stops me. 

Q: Alright, so I have three so far. 

The kid cracks me up.  By the end of the 18 phobias, he was convinced he had 5.

Oneirophobia (the fear of dreams...go figure)
Dentophobia (the fear of dentists...I hear ya, baby)
Herpetophobia (the fear of reptiles and snakes)
Phasmophobia (the fear of ghosts...who doesn't have I right)
Panaphobia (the fear of everything)

Like momma, like son

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