Friday, October 12, 2012

Hockey Themed Party (bout time)

Better late than never, Q had his first birthday party in over two years. 
I know, it looks like I'm a terrible mother, doesn't it?  The problem with having a summer baby is that during the summer, everyone is away.  Everyone.  Last year once the school year started, everything was so busy and then there was Christmas and then there was my brother's wedding, so it was going to be June and then the little monkey decided he wanted to have his party in September.  Only problem, we couldn't have a party in June and in September...parents would uhhhh, figure things out, ya know?  But don't go all judging me...he still had the *family* party during the summer.  Okay?  I'm not that bad.  I mean, how many birthdays does a kid need?  The night before, he was so excited he couldn't even sleep.  He sounded like he was in pain, "ohhhhhhhhhh,"  moan, sigh, groan..."I'm so excited I can't sleeeeeeeeeeeeep!"  Don't you wish for excitement like that?
He wanted to take a bunch of kids to a minor league hockey game, but can you say "Chaos" and "Crazy" and "I Don't Think SO"???  Can you imagine being in a huge place with thousands of strangers and 8 hyper 8 years olds running around?  Can you imagine?  I would go crazy.  So, I talked him into having a hockey themed bowling party and we had soooo much fun!!  The bowling alley was like walking into 1982, I half expected to see old guys smoking at the tables.  Everything was that burnt orange and brown colour.  Despite some initial *heated words* with some die-hard bowlers about all the rowdy kids and some uber strict bowling rules, we had a great time.  And having it in this venue instead of a hockey game was great because all the mommas stayed, and the amazing babysitters came and stayed and I was reminded of how many awesome people love and support my son.  We are so, so blessed.
Invitations:  Obviously hockey sticks.  Goalie hockey sticks because there is more room to write.  Instead of hockey tape (I was too lazy to go to the sports store) I used black construction paper and regular old tape.  I think they turned out fantastic.

(We had to represent the hometown team - aka the Calgary Flames - and the home team - aka the Vancouver Canucks. )

Goodie bags:  The good old paper bag is our friend.  Big to fit lots of loot, easy to dress up, goes with everything, and recyclable.  To fill the inside, we bought hockey cards and hockey stickers.  A bonus to having a party close to Halloween is lots of small, yummy, goodie bag sized candy :)
Gah.  If I had more time, I would have done so much more.  I would have made personalized hockey cards, with the kids pictures on it (oh.....maybe a thank you card...)  A balloon art in the shape of some hockey emblem (needle thread through the tips, Canucks would have been really simple, but time consuming).  Mini hockey sticks for prizes for all the kids.   
Super abnormal thing about Q (when comparing him with other 8 year old boys) is that he acknowledges how much work it takes to make all this stuff.  He wants to help.  He tells me to take pictures so I can post them on facebook and pinterest.  How much do I love this kid?  How amazing is this kid?  Happy Birthday, my fabulous boy :)  I so need to be a stay at home mom so I can have time to organize, plan, and prepare my kids birthday party!

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