Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Have a Dream (about a boat...)

I have been dreaming about being on a boat for weeks now.  Literally.  It's not exactly a recurring dream, because every dream is different, and every dream in super vivid. But I'm always, always on a really big boat with a lot of people.  Some people are strangers, some are from my past, some are from my present.  Sometimes my past and present mixes, sometimes there are only people from my present or only from my past.

The first dream was a few weeks ago...I was on a cruise ship with my mother.  Everyone was receiving gifts just for being on the ship, before they left, but we (my mom and I) did not get a gift.  They were really nice gifts, pearl earrings or diamond necklaces, so we really wanted ours.  Next thing we know, they've set sail and we're stuck on the ship for another week, without a gift.  The under carriage of the boat was see-through and we could watch hundreds of enormous whales swim by us, both amazing and terrifying.

My second dream was two nights ago, again on a boat.  But it was an old wooden boat, just like a pirate ship...huge, with many levels, doors and secret passageways.  We were getting prepared to go on a two week voyage, but I really didn't want to go.  Q couldn't come with me, and everywhere I looked all I could see were my employees.  I couldn't imagine being on a ship with my employees and no Q for two whole weeks.  It was a game within a game, and we were all pawns on a game board that each had to take our turn, and do whatever was asked of us.  At the last minute I got off, relieved.

My third dream was during a luxurious two hour nap on a rainy Friday afternoon.  Again, a boat.  A bit older than the last, still wooden, and I remember stairs.  Lots and lots of stairs and railings.  We were in rooms with bunk beds, separated by gender.  We all had rations for the trip.  If you used up your water rations, you were done, even if others had some left.  So, you had to watch how much water you used to brush your teeth, or how often you flushed the toilet, because that was all included in your water rations. 

My most recent dream was last night.  I remember seeing people from the airport when I worked there 5 years ago.  It was kind of like a dating boat, because you had to go on dates with people from the boat.  You were sent off to an island for a day on a date, then came back to spend the rest of the time with everyone.  It was really awkward, because everyone had been on dates with everyone else, and then graded the date.  Needless to say, tempers were high.  I don't remember any dates, or feeling particularly attracted to anyone.  I remember being more the mother hen.

Of course, I think that everything happens for a reason.  Everything is a sign if you only look deep enough to see its meaning.  SO......what do these dreams mean??  I haven't been on any boats lately, but it has rained solid for 2 1/2 days.  Maybe it's a sign I should build a boat.  A big wooden boat.  Boats aren't particularly fast...they rock from side to side, maybe I'm in a lull?  Maybe it's a sign I need to take a risk, jump from the boat and take on a new challenge?  I haven't read about any boats or watched any movies about boats.  It's all very odd, but I'm looking for a change.  Maybe one of these boats can take me and my Q to a beach somewhere warm with sand that feels like silk and pina coladas on tap :) 

Just sayin'

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