Monday, September 30, 2013

Q-isms: Smart A$$

Me:  Hey, Daddy is taking you to hockey tonight but do you want me to come and watch too?
Q:    I don't care
Me: don't care? if I stay home and watch t.v., you're okay with it?
Q:   Well I want you to come, but if you have other stuff that's fine.
Me:  How about, "Mommy, I'd like for you to come"?
Q:    Okay

Me:  How's dinner?
Q:   Fine, I guess.
Me: Well, I guess you don't have to eat it and can go to bed without dinner...
Q:   No, I really like it. It's good.

But then...

(after a trip to Hawaii where he went snorkling every day with his dad)

Q:   Mommy, remember Dory from Finding Nemo?
Me:  Yep, I sure do...
Q:   Ya, I saw her!

Oh my goodness, what a conflict that must be going on inside that little 9 year old head of his. One day, moody and too cool and then the next, he's calling me mommy and thinks he's met a fish from a cartoon. It reminds me he's still my little boy, even though he swooshes his head to the right to get the hair out of his eyes, and says "I don't care" more than any one I know.

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