Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Set Up

I have a blind date  Well, it's not exactly blind thanks to the marvels of modern technology and phones that take pictures and then allow you to send them.  So, technically...I kinda know what he looks like.  Which isn't saying much. that I mean that I'm the least photogenic person on the face of this earth.  If I had a team of 20, perfect lighting and Annie Leibovitz I'd still have some stupid look on my face.  Eons ago, I was watching Oprah and she told me (well...I guess me and a million other people...) that when you're having your picture taken, to put your chin up.  It takes away any other chins that you may not want photographed.  So I went thru a phase where I looked like a turtle.  Turns out, if you put your chin out too far all you see is chin, and you look like a turtle.  To compensate, I decided it would make sense to pull the chin back in, but then you can't see any definition between my neck and my face.  Let's just say that after 32 years, I've yet to see a picture taken of me that looks anything like I think I look.  I'm still trying to find that happy medium.  Sending Mr. Mom (I'll get to the name...) a picture of me, taken by me, on my phone isn't saying much.  I expect that he probably doesn't look as scary in person (here's hoping, anyways....)

We spoke on the phone today for about 15 minutes, and (I love this...) he texted me first to see if it was okay to call.  I thought that was considerate.  I made him wait a few hours., honestly I was getting Q ready for school.  Talking on the phone with a nosy 5 year old is not fun.  For some reason, they decide that very minute they need you for something very reading a book, or helping them know life-or-death type things.  For this very reason, I no longer take baths either.  The minute I get in there, he's got a crisis.  Back to Mr. Mom tho...we're both from Alberta, we both live in Van (obvious...) He's a full-time dad (hence the Mr. Mom...) to a 7 year old boy.  He's currently unemployed, looking for a job as a rehab councillor (anyone hiring???)  And he was waiting for his son's Christmas concert to start.  He had the video camera all charged and ready to go.  That is cool.

We're meeting for coffee, and I'm so nervous I want to cancel.  It seems so silly to be set up (this is the landlord set up, btw.)  No one ever sets you up with friends..."Oh, I have the most fabulous friend for you.  You just have to meet her."  Isn't the whole point of being with someone that you feel that spark when you're around them?  Isn't it backwards that you're meeting someone on the off chance that you might feel that spark?  The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced I'm in love with the idea of love.  Moreso than love itself.  And maybe I'm just freaking out that I'm meeting a stranger tomorrow.  A bald stranger with a long goatee.

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  1. Good luck. Maybe you should think of it as an interview for finding friends with whom you may do things with your children. If something else comes of it, fine. But I'm not sure about the goatee.

    Let us know. Keep your chin up (but not too far).