Friday, June 4, 2010


Ever since I admitted I don't have any strong convictions, I've been digging.  Digging deep down to the core of my being to find what I really, really feel.  I mean, seriously.  There's gotta be something, right?  Who goes through life without burning convictions and beliefs.  You know what they say, "If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything."  So, here is what I've come up with.  This is my list of convictions.  I'd never win any elections, and I'd never be Miss America (well, that shipped sailed long when I was born Canadian.  And I'm not sure I could ever say, "World Peace" with a straight face...)  But this is what I believe:

1.  I believe you cannot have too much compassion.  You can never give too much (rarely ever can you give enough even) to those who have nothing.  You can never care too much for those who cannot care for themselves.  A meal for a hungry man, a hug for a loveless child, a smile for a lonely woman.  These are where the true jewels of life are found and they mean more than anyone can imagine.

2.  I believe the God of the Old Testament scares the living daylights out of me, and the Savior of the New Testament confounds me.  And the fact that they are one in the same...well that just blows my mind.  Not so much the Trinity itself, but the differences between them.

3.  I believe in the parable of the mustard seed.  It takes only one teeny tiny seed to grow a multitude of good.  However, weeds multiply just as quickly, so you must decide which to grow and which to pull.  The choice is yours. 

4.  I believe that if politicians really truly cared about the future as much as they proclaim, instead of trying to find ways to conserve renewable resources, they would be building our youth to be leaders and scholars.  Instead of cities investing money in recycling bins for every street corner (which I agree is important, but...) the money would be spent investing in our youth.  Music programs, sports programs, debate clubs and more...all provided to enrich our youth.  Teachers would be highly revered and supported in their role to nurture and create brilliant, artistic, gifted children.  Children with learning disabilities, physical or mental would be given the extra attention they deserved in order to be given a chance in the adult world.

5.  I believe my generation (disclaimer: for the most part) is the laziest, most ungrateful one thus far.  As children of baby boomers, who had to work hard for everything they had, we've never had to work hard for anything.  It's all been handed to us on a silver platter.  As a result, we have little to no work ethic, no value for tangible items, no desire or drive for something better. Of course I speak of the collective "we" and not me, because I've been blessed with a fabulous work ethic and I value stuff.  Really, I do...

6.  I believe you can never give your children too much love, too many kisses.  You can never tell them you're proud of them too may times.  The more you build them up, the stronger they will become.  Charles Gavin said, "It is easier to build a boy than to mend a man." Well said.  Having said that, you can only blame your childhood for so much.  There comes a time when you have to drop that excuse and take responsibilities for your actions.

7.  I despise needy women.  Women are fabulous, strong and nurturing.  Women do not need a man to complete them, or others to validate them.  Find the voice within yourself and then proudly shout from the rooftops.  Girlfriend, if you can get thru your monthly gift, you can handle anything! (Shout out to angry uterus)

8.  I know without a doubt that I will never, ever understand men.  They are beautiful creatures, but I will always be astounded as to how their minds work.  Everything they do is complicated and oafish...that is why they need women.  Hahaha.  Oh, and a cheater will always be a cheater, a liar will always lie.  Remember that now.

9.  What doesn't kill you definitely makes you stronger.  When I was going thru post partum depression, I noticed these two bushes outside my home.  One had been virtually ignored, while the other had been carefully pruned every spring.  The one ignored had grown wild, yet sparse, with huge holes that bore no leaves.  The pruned one was strong and bushy, with beautifully vivid flowers.  The strong one had protection from the elements, the sparce one died eventually, not strong enough to protect it's roots.  Allow the pruning.  No matter how painful at the time, it allows you to grow in insurmountable ways.  You will flower and flourish. 

10.  Already?  Wow.  Tell the ones you love how you feel.  The more the better.  You never know when you'll never have the opportunity again.  And doesn't it feel wonderful to know you're loved?  Things are just things, work is just work, the people in your life are priceless.

There, see....I'm not superficial.  I do have conviction.  I could probably go on and on with more things that are important to me.  But I think I've made my point. 


  1. Those are fine convictions. I'm almost positive I don't have ten. Probably just three or maybe three and a half.

  2. i think i might have made one or two up on the spot. i really, really wanted to get to 10.