Saturday, July 10, 2010

See you in a week :)

Okay, we're almost ready to go to the lake.  I had to prioritize my list of to-do's, because let's face can't save the world in 48 hours. 

I love Walmart, and Friday further proved why.  I popped in for a quick estimate on my tires and ended up getting my car in right away.  Walmart does tires and oil changes...who knew???  Those guys do/have everything.  So for just a little over $200.00, I was good to go.  Decided to just get the front two replaced and then we'll do the back ones in a bit.  They're not completely bald on the back yet, so you know, I have a while to go.  I figure that if rocks can get stuck in the groves, then we've got some time to play with...

I didn't get the whole lecture on the colour of my fluids either, because neither one of the guys in the automotive department of my friendly neighbourhood Walmart spoke much English.  I bet they were thinking it, but they didn't say a word (that I understood...)  The best part is that I don't know if my fluids are cherry red or black, and frankly, I don't care.  No free bluetooth, but I think those things are totally over-rated.  A colleague at work has one, and I always think she's talking to me...and she's not.  Then she looks at me like I'm retarded...

True to form, my ex started humming and hawing about changing my brakes for me.  This is his *thing* with me.  Offer to do something multiple times, when I finally break down and say, "Okay, help me,"  he decides to make me beg for it.  I think he gets his jollies from it.  Whatever the case, I've spent enough time begging that man for things, I won't do it again.  The brakes are fine.  They don't squeal.  I don't hear any grinding.  It was him who said they needed replacing to begin with.  And I have no idea where that came from seeing as how he's never driven in my car.  It just makes him feel good to put things of mine down, even if it's just my brakes.

The bathing suit shopping was not as horrific as I imagined.  I walked into this store where they're trained to help you find the best fit for your body and almost $200.00 later I do look 10lbs thinner.  Although, I bet they have some sneaky little trick they do with their mirrors to make you look skinnier.  There are some horribly gaudy one piece bathing suits, let me tell ya.  Just because we're fat doesn't mean we don't have taste, dammit.  Black is the colour for me.  And I bribed the kid with a DS game and an ice cream cone to keep him quiet while I tried them on.  He was really very patient, though, given the circumstances.  And I was able to swallow the fear and actually try them on instead of looking at them like they were going to attack me.

We're just waiting now for the love fest to begin with my wonderful brother and his fabulous girlfriend.  They'll be here any minute. 

So my friends, I'm off for a week with no Internet connection.  I know, I know.  You'll miss me.  It's okay.  I'll be back.  This isn't the big leagues though, so there will be no guest bloggers to amuse you while I'm gone (but seriously...why would you want to come to my blog to read someone else's post?  Doesn't make any sense to me.)

Have a fabulous week, be safe.  Wear your seatbelt, lock the doors, don't forget the sunscreen and all that jazz. 

See you in a week!

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