Sunday, October 10, 2010

Anyone Out There? Awake???

It's 04:03.  Like, a.m.  Like, as in the *morning*...just in case you were wondering. 

I laid down for a quick nap at four this afternoon.  I was going to rest my eyes for just a mo'...

I woke up at midnight.

So, that's 8 hours, folks.  I woke up from an 8 hour midnight. 

And now everyone is asleep, except for me.  Me.  And my T.V.

I'm on my second movie (quiet, of course so I don't wake anyone up).  I've played a few games on the computer.  I've checked all my friends profile on Facebook.  And guess what...not too much activity there, because they're all SLEEPING...

Balance.  This is the word of the day. 

My biggest fear when I started working midnights was that I wouldn't get enough sleep.  It's turned out to be the exact opposite.  Whenever Q is at his dad's house, all I do is sleep.  It's like I have no control over it...I go for a short snooze and wake up 5-7 (or 8) hours later.  I set my alarm, I wake up when it goes off, and then roll over for just *five* more minutes. 


Who knew it was a fine art - finding out how not to sleep through your life...

I have to be up in 4 hours.  I'm going to Church.  It's Canadian Thanksgiving and I have soooo much to be thankful for.  Here's hoping I don't sleep through it...

Any tips?  How do you get through the gravies?  How do you sleep?  When do you sleep?  More importantly, how do you stay awake? 

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