Saturday, October 16, 2010

And While we're on the Subject of Beautiful Men...

Okay, so we were on the subject of beautiful men a post or two back, but that's just semantics.  I mean, when are we NOT on the subject of beautiful men, right?  I thought that while I've started to give advice, you know,  on dating and such, I might as well continue.'s that, but also I'm not finished with my rant.  Bear with me here as I rant figure this one out...

Don't get me wrong, I love beautiful men as much as the next  Just look at these specimens...

All beautiful men.  All of them.  Look at the manicured eyebrows, the smooth, clean shaven faces (or ruggedly-handsome 5 o'clock shadow), excellently attired.  Let's go over the list here, girls....

Brad Pitt - left wife of five years for mistress (which if you ask, I am most definitely in the Jolie camp.  I know she was the mistress and all, but Aniston is such a whiner...)

George Clooney - serial dater of much, much younger women

Hugh Grant - Serial dater, plus the whole prostitute scandal

Jude Law - Cheated on his wife with his girlfriend, cheated on his girlfriend with his nanny

Yes, they're all actors and I understand that Hollywood breeds a certain type of lifestyle that doesn't necessarily promote monogamy.  But it proves my point, so I'm gonna use it to my advantage.  Beautiful men are not all they're cracked up to be. 

After years of dating beautiful men, a friend of a friend decided to join e-harmony (which I am not the least, we all know how I feel about internet dating...if not, well then I'd like to know why you've not been reading my blog regularly for the past two and a half years....) and decided to go in with a completely open mind.  As in whomever she was matched with, as long as he wasn't a serial killer or married, she would go on at least one date with.  She wasn't ruling out any options.  Guess what.  Turns out, tall, dark and handsome was not her type.  Tall, over weight and balding was more her style.  I know, hey...what a turn of events.  This guy treats her like a queen.  She's happier than she has ever been.  In fact, so totally happy, she married the guy. 

Another girlfriend has been dating this older man for quite some time now.  His party days are long behind him and he's got a beer belly years in the making, but she has never, ever loved a man like she loves this one.  Now, he's also a louse.  For other reasons.  But he's a man, so I think we're all used to that being the case. 

My point. 

There are many, many men in the world.  Beautiful men, and not so beautiful men.  I would take a man who loves me and takes care of me and wants the world for me over a man who has perfectly groomed eyebrows  and six pack abs every single time.  Any man who takes longer to get ready than I do, is no man for me.  Any man who could be described as 'pretty' is probably gay, but if he's not...I do not want him.  Give me stubble, give me wrinkles, give me a little bit of imperfection, any day.  Lord knows I'm full of flaws (yes they're minor, but they are there...)

There's a very, very thin line between taking care of me and being super clingy, mind you.  I've in the past mistaken super clingy for being loving and attentive.  More than once, actually I'm just saying...everything is about balance. 

So, to recap:

Men cheat (more often than not). 

Beautiful men cheat more (probably).

Open your mind to all possibilities (it is possible that bald is beautiful).

And clingy is not cool (and is quite often mistaken for love). 

Yep.  That about covers it.  It was a rant.  Rants don't follow a reasonable path.  You go where ever you feel led. 

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