Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just Do It (but not in a Nike way, cuz they've totally copyrighted that)

You know what I did today?

- A whole lot of deep breathing.

- Some counting to ten (sometimes while also deep breathing).

- Talked myself out of giving the finger to the guy tailgating me when I was going 40km over the speed limit.

- Talked myself out of slamming on the breaks so the guy behind me would have to swerve into the ditch to avoid hitting me, because he was tailgating me even though I was going 40km over the speed limit.  (I think it's important to remember he was in the wrong here.)

- Refrained from *un* following a blog, because all she blogs about now is one endorsement or the other, and it's so forced and phony.  Like "you know what I like about jewelry?  when it's shiny, cheap and doesn't tarnish. speaking of shiny, cheap jewelry...have you ever heard of..." (oh, don't worry...she doesn't read my lil ol' blog, so I'm not talkin' bout any of you!)  I started following her blog, because she was a single mom like me, and us single momma's have got to stick together.  I also refrained from telling her why I was unfollowing her.  I figured a) she wasn't going to miss one of her 750 followers and b) what I had to say would probably be more hurtful than constructive.

Can you tell what time of the month it is????

Side note:  You guys!  I tell you everything!!!  I ran into a co-worker the other day who says to me, "I'm really glad you're blogging again..."  He's a guy.  I was kinda like, "Wow, know way too much about me!!!"

You know what else I did?

- I gave blood.  Because evidently, the 12 pints of blood I'm going to lose in the next 5-7 days isn't enough.  And because it's the easiest way, in my mind, to be a super hero and save a life.  I'm O-, which if you didn't know, is the universal donor.  Every body likes my blood.  It kind of sucks, though when you're carrying an O+ baby, and your body thinks it needs to attack this foreign *body* and thus builds up anti-bodies to any future child you might have.  Thank God for modern medicine, is all I gotta say, because none of that actually happened, but it could have...that's just the kind of mood I'm in right now.  Blood.  It's in you to give.  Cool tag line, right?  But it's true, and it's relatively quick...I was pissed that a guy came in and left while I sat there.  Apparently, men have bigger veins.  That's what the nurse said, anyways.  I think that's why men don't get periods and have children.  They'd all bleed to death because their veins are so damn big. 

- I filled out a form to be a Bone Marrow Transplant-er(?)  Through Facebook, I found out that friends of the family have a little girl who has just been diagnosed with Leukemia.  This is after she already fought (and won!!) a long battle with cancer.  I haven't spoken to them in years and years and so sending them a message on Facebook saying, "Hi, how are you?  So sad about your daughter..." just seemed so phony and disrespectful. 

Coincidentally, I just read an article in my Marie Claire Magazine about this woman who added her name to the growing list of people who are registering their genetic make up with banks across the world in an attempt to fight the big C.  I signed up through OneMatch which is here in Canada through the Canadian Blood Services, but in the USA you can go to  The article totally demystifies the horror stories we've heard in the past about Doctor's drilling into your bone and sucking out your marrow.  Whether or not they've done that in the past, I don't know, but now, it's as easy as giving blood.  A little longer (6 hours) and painful (meds for 5 days beforehand to build up your white blood count), but if you can give blood, you can give marrow.  To get your name on the list, a swab on a Q-tip.  Could saving a life be any easier?  I mean, I don't want preach at you or any thing.  Just consider it.

Consider it.

Consider it for my friend's daughter.  Consider it for a child you've never laid eyes on.  Consider it for the child that might be yours one day.  I cannot imagine anything worse than losing a child or a loved one, and I just feel so strongly about how easy this really is.  

Do it. 

I dare you.

I double dare you. 

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