Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Ever since we moved to the new house, and in retrospect - a whole lot longer than that, I have been having issues with our wireless Internet.  Dreading a call to my Internet provider, I just dealt with a random connection.  I dealt with only having Internet in my bedroom and not being able to watch t.v. and surf the Internet at the same time.  I dealt with it until one day I just could not stand it anymore and finally broke down.  I set aside a hour or so, found a nice quiet spot and settled in for a long, frustrating call.  Fortunately (?) I wasn't disappointed. 

Over the course of an hour, I was passed on to 5 different people.  I'm pretty sure I was transferred to someone in Texas..."Awww honey, dontcha know the difference 'tween a modem and a router?"  and she laughed at me.  And no, I don't know the difference.  At this very moment, I'm still trying to think what the difference is.  The thing is, it didn't really matter, because that was her job to figure out.  But she transferred me to a very polite woman in India, who although very apologetic also had no idea what the eff I was referring to.  So she passed me on to some guy who's connection was so horrible, I'm sure he was in Antarctica in the middle of a blizzard.  He passed me on to David.  David gave two shits about his job and cared even less about my Internet connection.   So after an hour on my cell phone, coincidentally with the same provider, during prime time someone was telling me it wasn't my modem, it wasn't my router, it wasn't my connection, it was my computer. 

Did I mention that I was pmsing?

After all that time and all those continents, I got so angry I cancelled my Internet.  David was nice enough to let me know that once I cancelled it, I wouldn't be able to get it which I replied, "Isn't that the point?"

I called a new Internet provider, and they sent a technician in to set everything up.  He knew the difference between a modem and a router.  He also knew what the problem was with our previous Internet computer...


So, now I have a new computer.  It's not an Apple.  It's not a pretty pink one.  I just couldn't justify the extra cost for pink.  But I do have a new computer that I can use in my bedroom, in the living the bathroom if I so choose.  All this to say, I better be blogging more often...I have no excuse. 

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