Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oh Yes...Now I Remember

Less than a week on Plenty of Fish (or POF) and I am reminded why I loathe Plenty of Fish.  It's a horrible way to meet men.  Horrible.  I've had a handful of emails from men without pics and when I ask, they say they're *new* to POF and haven't had a chance to upload any.  This is a bunch of bullshit, just in case you're wondering.  It doesn't take that long to upload a few pictures.  It is NOT superficial, wanting to know what someone looks like.  That's what separates friends from lovers, isn't it?  A physical attraction to someone.  And don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for drop dead gorgeous, because as far as I'm concerned super hot guys have a whole other set of issues I don't even want to get into.  Not to mention, different people find different qualities attractive...but that's the whole point, at least let's get a look at what you've got to offer and let ME make the decision.  I think blind people even (can you believe I just wrote "look for"...gasp!!!) seek some sort of physical attraction to their mate...whether it be the softness of their skin, or the texture of their hair.  Gah!!  Physical attraction is important, people and don't try to make me feel guilty for admitting to it.

Then there are are the men with the pictures.  You've got the picture with the truck and the really big tires.  You've got the picture with the friend's child (cuz they know women are suckers for that kind of shit).  You've got the picture with the fish...seriously does every guy fish???  You've got the picture with the dog.  You've got the party picture where they're either drunk or hanging off some booby woman.  I like it when they've blacked out the woman's face...dude, you don't have one friend who can take one pic of you without your ex-girlfriend/fling/whatever?  And then you've got the picture they've taken of themselves in the bathroom mirror where they're flexing.  Every man has this picture.  Every single one.  

And does every single guy in the lower mainland like running and rock climbing and skiing?  I'm sure you are wondering.  Well, I will tell you.  Yes.  Every single effing man in the lower mainland likes to climb mountains and ski (or snowboard) down them.  I am not kidding.  Where's the guy who watches movies on the couch in his jammies?  Cuz he's the one I'm looking for.  Where's the one who likes to read and do crossword puzzles? He's not on Plenty of Fish.  Seriously, who knew men were so *active*?

The biggest problem is that the guys I'm interested in are not interested in me ("good luck in your search" they say) and the ones interested in me are just plain creepy.  Like really creepy.  Like shaved head, tattoos everywhere and overweight...and mustaches, now I come to think of it.  What is with the mustaches??  I've actually had one marriage proposal from a really creepy guy.  It was really nasty.  

What's proper etiquette?  If you're super grossed out by some guy should you still send him a reply when he e-mails you?  What if you read his profile and you have nothing in common?  I think it just opens the door for more conversing, but it does feel a little mean just ignoring them.  Especially when they keep on emailing...

I, for one, like the process of writing back and forth.  The written word can just be so powerful and to find someone who can write and be witty and funny and meaningful at the same time is just so rare and exciting to find.  I love the banter.  I love the getting to know someone.  I love "You've Got Mail".  I think it's my favourite chick flick. The anticipation of finding an email filled with words for your eyes only.  It's got to be the sexiest thing ever.  

But I really must go..."Electrician4U" just sent me a message...and he looks...well....normal....

Wish me luck...fingers crossed!!

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