Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In My Day

As it's been brought up lately that I am not a cool mom, I decided to reflect on just how un-cool I am. 

It's not pretty, folks. 

I have not watched that show with all the tanned Italian kids, which name truly does escape me right now.  You know the one, one of the girls is pregnant right now with what I'm sure will be the next president of the United States of America or a brain surgeon.  I haven't watched MTV in years, but I hear rumours that they no longer play music videos and instead have shows like 'Teen Moms' that pretty much exploit young girls who are living with unplanned pregnancies.

I have not read, nor watched any of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Lord of the Rings series.  Oh, nor have I watched the Twilight trilogy, but I think it's about vampires and werewolves??  No, seriously, I know what it's about.  I've heard about the wars between the Jacob fans and the uh, uh...Edward (is that right?) fans.  I don't get punny, or otherwise, references to any of the movies.   And Dr. Who is evidently making a comeback.  I used to watch Dr. Who when I was babysitting late on Saturday nights after Saturday Night Live was over and there was absolutely nothing else to watch.  And that was 20 years ago.  I sure hope they're not watching those ones...they were horrid.

I kind of wanted to watch the Hunger Games (so funny, I just wrote Hungry Games...haha) until I realized it's about a society where children from different tribes are chosen to kill each other until there is only one standing.  I get that it's a statement about our society and blah, blah, blah...but come on, what adult wants to support anything that has children killing other children with spectators watching on?  Especially when there are horrible events happening in the REAL WORLD where children are killing other children.  It breaks our hearts when it happens for real, but where do they get the ideas from??   

Hey...Jersey Shore!!  That's the show with the tanned Italians.  The memory goes when you get older and you're not cool.

I am always looking for an amazing literary find.  If I could get paid to read crazy awesome books for a living, I would so be early for work every single day.  I heard about this one book called "50 Shades of Grey".  Maybe you've heard of it, too??  I really don't consider myself to be a prude.  I am quite non-prudish.  I wear shirts that bear some cleavage.  I swear (hopefully when Q is not in the room) once in a while.  I watched Sex in the City.  I do not understand, however, how grown (married)  women are reading a series about a man who is totally into kinky stuff (and I think I'm putting that reallllly mildly).   Here's my thing...how offended would we be if men were walking around with a playboy magazine...on the bus, in the lunch room?  There would be an uproar.  There would be mother's shielding their children's eyes.  But when the tables are turned, it's okay for women??  It's porn for the housewife.

I don't know, I guess I'm not cool.

What has happened to the good ol' days with the good literature, and the good movies.  Like 'The Dead Poet's Society'.  That movie told a story, that movie showed how important it was to find something you believe in, something worth fighting for, and surrounding yourself with people who care just as much as you. 

Don't even get me started on clothes.  Skinny jeans, on a man?  Totally not attractive.  I want a man, a manly man, not a man with skinny legs.  And neon is everywhere.  I already went through the early to mid-80's, I don't need to wear them again.  I hated it the first time around!

I found myself at work this past week chatting with a couple other adults (around my age) and we were talking about this new generation of kids that have no work ethic.  They've never had to work for anything, they've been given everything on a silver platter.  They don't respect authority, and they take things like a *job* for granted.  We were talking about these kids like we were old.  We are old.  We're like our parents.

It was a real nice touch when one of the guys threw in, "Why, in my day we had to walk 2 miles to school up hill both ways, in 4 feet of snow..."

When did this happen?  How do I stop it?  Either I have to accept it or I have to start spending a hour a week with JWOWW and Snooki.  Between you and me, I think acceptance will be easier.  Cuz I think I might pull something if I try putting on skinny jeans...


  1. That's hilarious! I use to wonder at what age one becomes "uncool"... I guess its 33. We watched the forth twilight the other night off the pvr and I was thinking "this is wrong on sooo many levels". It was such a mainstream hit, I even tried to think like a teenage girl to see if I could fake getting into it. But it was just too stupid and far fetched. We live in a society where everyone wants to be adored and special, I guess Bella was so special that she has to mate with demons or animals to feel her true self. how sick is that???!

    What is it that Ecclesiastes says "there is nothing new under the sun"

    And lastly, I totally agree about the whole feminist porn double standard. Maybe if they covered a playboy in some artsy modern art cover it will make it suddenly acceptable.

    1. In some ways it's depressing, but in sooo many more ways it's liberating to not feel like you have to follow something. If being uncool means I get to do what I like instead of following the crowd, I'm totally okay with that. Funny how it happens when you're older and not when you're young and impressionable!