Sunday, July 8, 2012

Q-isms: A Wife's Responsibility

Friday will go down in history as the first time my son said, "Mommy, stop.  You're embarrassing me."  I think I'm a super cool mom, so I was totally offended by this remark.  What is so embarrassing about rocking out to Pitbull on the radio while driving?  Hmmmm?  Tell me, please.  Because I thought my moves were awesome.  And when did I get old enough to be embarrassing?  I don't wear *mom* jeans, I don't yell at him from across the school yard, I don't lick my finger and then clean the food from his cheek.  However, now that I know I'm in the *embarrasing mom zone* it is open season.  Q had better watch his back.

Friday was also my cheat day, a.k.a the day I get to eat what ever I want.  Sadly, I have learned that even on my cheat day there must be a limit or else I find myself super ill the next day, but it was super hot out and nothing screams summer like a slurpee! Of course, you can't have a slurpee without some potato chips...anyways, so not the point.  So Q has his hands full with a slurpee, a pack of chips and a soccer ball (what can I say? He's a boy...) and can't open the car door.  Determined to ensure I'm not his slave well into the next decade, I decided he needed to figure out how to open that car door on his own.  A full five - very frustrating - minutes later, and we were both in the car (sans seat he had difficulty figuring that one out too...). 

Q:  Mommy you could have just opened the door for me, you know.

Me:  I probably could have.  But my hands were full too, and I managed to do it.

Q:  But I needed your help.  It would have been easier.

Me:  Yup.  But part of my job as a mommy is to give you tools that you can use when you're an adult.  Imagine I didn't teach you how to open the car door with your hands full.  You'd be a 40 year old man with a brief case in one hand, a coffee and car keys in the other and you'd have no idea how to open the door.  Then I've failed as a mommy.

He laugh, thinks about it a bit...

Q:  No.  I'll just get my wife to do it.

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