Saturday, July 28, 2012

Q-isms - What A Man (boy) Wants

Watching The Bachelorette with Q is probably not one of my finer parenting moments, I'll agree.  Is there even a defense?  Mondays he's with me and Monday is Bachelorette day, and I kind of thought he wasn't even paying attention.  Except when he'd be all, Is Ryan still on the show?"  But we'd both look away and gag and make "ewwwwwwww" noises when ever she kissed someone...does that count as bonding time??  No, no, you're right, I don't think so either. 

So, we're watching the finale...

Q:  I would never marry her.

Me:  Why?  Because she's like 20 years older than you?

Q:  No, because she knows nothing about hockey.

Ladies beware - if you want to marry my son, you had better know your hockey!

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