Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Cheat Goes On

I'm feeling really guilty this week.

Nothing says, "LET'S CHEAT!!!" like hot, hot summer weather and PMS. 

Monday, I was craving a DQ chocolate dipped cone so bad, my mouth was watering the whole way there.  I totally caved.  It was like 30 degrees out, and I had been in the pool for at least an hour.  Granted I wasn't like, swimming laps or anything crazy like that, but I was technically in. a. pool. which has to count for some sort of calorie burn, right??  Then yesterday, one of my employees brought in Ice Cream sandwiches and I didn't want to be rude.  AND everyone else was doing I guess I could say the peer pressure got to me.  Weigh in this week is gonna suck, big time.

Then, it turns out, I was cheating even when I thought I was being healthy. 

 Mmmmmmm, this looks good, doesn't it?  And for a mere 110 calories, it can be in your tummy.  Low fat yogurt, fresh fruit, it seems like the perfect low fat snack.  It's even kosher for crying out loud.  I mean, I'm not Jewish or anything, but anything blessed by a rabbi has to be good for you, right?  Ya well it's not that good for you if you're trying to eliminate sugar.  In a small...32 grams of sugar.  32!!  On my plan, I should be consuming no more than 28 grams of sugar in a day.  This was really very, very disappointing for me.

Starbucks made me all happy because they have a *Skinny* latte made with sugar free syrup and non fat milk.  It's only 120 calories for a Grande, so that's awesome, right?  Riiiiiight...what really scared me when I looked at their nutritional guides on line is that it didn't even include sugars on their list.  They have to be hiding something!!  I wonder if the moral of this story is, "If you don't know, don't eat it..."  Probably...

And the list goes on.  Everything I thought was a good, healthy snack is jam packed with sugar.  Don't even get me started on what I found out about McDonald's food.  One of their "Fruit Smoothies" has over 500 calories and 80g of sugar.  Can you even imagine that?  Not to mention, a Big Mac meal means you're consuming more calories in one meal than you should in a whole day.  Their "low fat" muffins are almost 400 calories.  Bubble tea!  Each tapioca pearl is 7-15 calories.  Each little one.  How many are in there???  Easily 100.  My math isn't very good, but you're consuming roughly 700-1500 calories without even giving it a second thought!  (and yes, I did have to use my calculator...I can't be a literary genius AND a math whiz....)  Kernels popcorn?  What you're not consuming in calories, you're consuming in sugar and what you're not consuming in sugar, you're consuming in salt!!!

All is not lost, my friends, all is not lost. There is one *treat* that fits the bill, as far as I'm concerned...and we'd all agree I'm far from an expert on the field, but I have done a little research.  Booster Juice offers low fat, low calorie, low sugar options that are super yummy.  A snack size is roughly 200 calories, loaded with fresh (or maybe frozen) fruit, little to no sugar added.  Just to be extra sure, I ask for the drink to be made without the low-fat yogurt, because it's become obvious that they pack the yogurt with sugar to make it taste less low-fatty...

What are your cheat options?  How do you feed your sweet tooth on a bad, pms-y day?  Do you just give in to the cravings?  Do you have some trusty stand ins?  Come on, dish the goods!!!

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