Saturday, August 18, 2012

Christian's Fight

I've never met Megan Cromwell.

I've never met her son Christian Cromwell.

But I follow Megan's blog at Christian's Fight.  Christian is a brave little boy who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer -stage 3 Rhabdomyosarcoma - when he was three years old.  Now 5, he has had numerous surgeries to remove tumours, chemo and radiation treatments.  It really looked like they were winning the fight, but just this week, they found a new tumour in Christians stomach.  It's too risky to operate, and the best the doctors can think to do is give him meds to make him comfortable until he goes home to heaven.

Megan's faith is inspiring. 

Please let's all pray for Christian Cromwell.  Let's pray for a miracle...that his tumour will go away without a trace and that he can live to be a 100.  Let's pray for peace for his family...that no matter what the outcome is that his family will be filled with the love of Jesus and that their hearts will be full.

As a mother, I cannot even imagine the pain and sadness that this family must be going through right now.  Please pray and then go to Megan's blog and let her know you've lifted them up to the heavens.


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