Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just a Job??

I keep having this dream that I am stuck at work and I cannot find my keys.  The employees are all ignoring me or laughing, but no one is helping me and I am stuck at work with no way out.  And it's snowing out.  There is seriously a lot of snow for the lower mainland.  But this dream, it plays over and over every night.  I'm pretty sure we don't need a book of dreams to decipher this what it means.  I feel trapped.  Trapped with no way out, and no one to help me.
Let me preface all this by saying that I feel incredibly fortunate for having this job that pays me so well for what I do, gives job stability like the airlines never did, and allows me to be home in the evening with my son.  It truly has been a blessing.
I'm just getting itchy.
No...not itchy...I'm getting *the* itch.
Again, I'm not going to go into specifics, because I can see that causing more harm than good.  I'm even questioning whether blogging about it is a smart idea.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) this is my outlet - my way to vent and air all my dirty laundry.  And seeing as how I've been such a good girl as of late, my laundry isn't all that dirty.  Maybe someone else is going thru a similar struggle and so sharing will not only make me feel a little bit better, but it will help someone else feel not so alone. 
What seems even more daunting is that I have been looking at job search sites and there is absolutely nothing out there.  I have a couple rules when *looking* for a job...if I don't know what it means, then I can't apply for it...
1. A "Senior Java Developer" for example- I used to work for "Second Cup" - but I'm pretty sure that's not the Java they're referring to, I'm just going to pass that one by. 
2. Any job that requires a degree, I also skip those ones...I mean, if they're going to be that picky...I could totally *do* the job.  I mean, how much do psychologists really learn in school?  I have life experience, isn't that kind of the same thing?  Oh, and I'm a really good listener...  
3. Any job that includes milking animals is completely out of the question.  True story: One job listing was for a Milker.  Yes, like as in milking animals.  And it only paid minimum wage.  I am going to expect a whole lot more money for milking animals all day long. 
4. Or "Assistant"...I don't even care to what...those of you who know me, know that I do not have the type of personality that *assists* very well.  I tend to supervise very well, but you want me to assist you?  No, I think it would be the other way around, thank you very much.  Or a *third key holder at Ardene*...so if they need someone to open or close the cheap jewellery store you would not be the first, nor the second, but the third person they would call.  Talk about bottom of the ladder, huh?
5. If I'm not good at it in real life, I can't do it for a job...ie: financial adviser..."Oh, girl.  It's Coach?  It's 10% off?  It's yours, use your credit card...seriously, who cares.  That is a great deal."
Exposure Prevention Specialist?  Dude, do not go in there - sounds easy to me.  Lumber Trader?  I'll take your branch for my stick?
Side note: I think that being an exterminator would really come in handy right about now, seeing as how a mouse just ran by me towards our fireplace.  I've been flirting with my Orkin man at work, Shawn...maybe he'll swing by and take care of this little problem for me.  One more ghetto story for my kid when he makes it big...
I guess this is just one more step into the *midlife* crisis.  Hope it gets better on the other side of the hill I'm about to cross over.  Maybe I just have to learn to be content where I am.
And seriously, anyone have any ideas how to get rid of mice???

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