Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm A Cheater

This post is going to be weird.  It's going to be like writing on a Coca Cola forum about how much you love Pepsi.  It's going to be like shopping for a Mac on a PC.  It's gonna be like driving through the McDonald's parking lot to get to the Wendy's.  It's going to be like going into Chevron to ask directions to the nearest Shell.

I've been cheating on Blogger.  I've been seeing Wordpress behind Blogger's back.  I mean, it's nothing serious right now.  I haven't committed to anything yet.  We haven't even gone all the way.  But I can feel it coming.  Honestly, I wasn't looking for anything to happen. I was just curious.  But I guess that's the way it always starts, isn't it?

See, Wordpress can offer me things that Blogger can't.  The templates have themes for their blogs and they are really cool and look super user friendly.  If I wanted to, I could pick a theme where I could custom make my header without any HTML gibberish, my disdain for which I have commented on before.  The iPhone app is crazy amazing, (I've downloaded it, not going to lie...) you can check your stats, read blogs, update your own blog.

And the writers, ohhhhhhhh, the writers.  I have been frequenting some sites on Wordpress over the past couple of weeks and again, not gonna lie, me likey.  They make it sooooo easy to find other blogs with this *Freshly Pressed* feature that showcases new or uber popular blogs.  The thing about blogging is that it really is a supportive community of writers who come together and well, write.  Blogger hasn't updated their new blogger's list in months.  And even if you want to search for other bloggers within blogger, they don't make it very easy. You have to have their address, you can't search by genre...on can.  You can search by genre, by tag, by colour, by country. 

Just sayin'.

I'm mulling over breaking up with Blogger, leaving it for Wordpress.  You know, the whole "it's not's me" and "Wordpress can offer me things you can't.  But there are lots of bloggers out there."  Or my personal favourite, "You'll find someone so special who's looking just for you.  I just know it."  

I hope Blogger doesn't cry.

That would be awkward.  I hate it when that happens.  It's so uncomfortable.     

Co-incidently, when I did my spell-check, Blogger highlited every single Wordpress as an error.  This is so not going to go well.  I think it may already suspect something...

Here are a few of my new fav's over on Wordpress: