Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School 2012

When I was young (because now I'm old) I loved back to school.  The new clothes, the school supplies, the excitement of learning, being the teacher's pet, and seeing my friends - so, so exciting for me.  People think I'm crazy when I say this, but I loooooove the smell of school supplies.  They do, they smell.  Mmmmmmm, like heaven, I think.    I even worked in a stationery store fueled by my weird obsession with pens and pencils and paper....ohhhhh, the possibilities!!

Now that I have a child of my own, however, it's a completely different experience.  I had to start warning Q a week before the start of school that it was going to happen, just so he wouldn't have a huge freak out the night before.  While I'm excited for the structure that back to school brings, Q is resenting the fact that he cannot spend his days playing video games and going to the beach.

The night before brought huge anxiety...all the what-ifs that we all experience when we don't know what to expect.  My poor little boy has the worry gene of his mother, and so we rationalized all evening about the fear and the actuality.  It's been a good lesson for me as well.  What am I missing out on in life because I fear all the silly what-ifs that most likely won't happen? 

The day before school we took advantage of the beautiful weather and beautiful scenery.  This is the city I fell in love with when I first moved here 9 years ago!! 



...and this will be Heaven for me. Sun, Sand
                                and the Ocean

Proof I do feed this kid!!


You try getting 3 boys to smile at the same time!

Best friends make everything better, even if they don't want to smile for the camera!  J is an awesome gift from God for my little man!

How was your back to school experience?  Tears?  Parties?  


  1. I hope it all went smoothly in the end. My kids were excited to go and see their friends, meet their teachers etc. I was always shy and nervous as a kid - my boys have not inherited those traits from me, for sure!

  2. In the middle, we had a few tears. But in the end (this morning!!) he said, "I can't wait to go to school!! I love Mrs. Penney!" Phew!

    I'm glad back to school went well for your household!