Saturday, October 3, 2009

Get this....I have followers!! Besides my mother and my best friend!!! I remember the first time someone who I didn't know followed my blog. I was ecstatic. I wanted to throw a party, with cute little invitations that said, WELCOME ANONYMOUS!!! Instead, I called my mom.
Blogging really is a surreal experience. My journal is online! I remember once I let my boyfriend at the time read my journal. That turned out to be a huge mistake because I had mentioned how I was crushing on this guy named Darius who played a keyboard. Oh he was so super cool. My boyfriend didn't think that was very cool...
And then, tonight, I realized something I hadn't before. People comment on my posts. They comment! I have comments! Oh, I felt like Sally Fields when she was accepting the Oscar for Places In The Heart, "I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now - you like me!" (not the one where she went on the anti-war tirade, that would just be weird...) They have words of encouragement (as does my mother, which is a constant bone of contention with her, that I don't listen. But, come on...mother's are a little biased. It's their job, they can't help it. I'll admit that Q will show me a drawing of himself with his arms coming out of his head, and his body completely not proportionate, but I don't ever point it out, I just say, "Oh honey, I love it!!" because that is my job.) There is something about a complete stranger validating your words, agreeing with you, cheering you on that is just exhilarating!
It can be a little disconcerting when you look at other blogs and they have hundreds of followers. Of course, they must have an unusually large extended family. Or maybe they've made up other identities. But they say things like, "Hello Lovelies" and "How are my Loves today?" and well, that's just not me. It's not that I don't care about you, my followers (!!) it just sounds a little phony. Silly me, I forgot phony sells...
But thank you all for following my blog, for reading my thoughts, for commenting on my stories. It really means the world to me. It absolutely makes my day to make your day...even just a little bit. Tell your friends! At dinner, tell your unusually large extended family! Tell your dentist, "Mpfh thwuspd dkdusile single dating mommy..." Tell your boss (dude, I told mine!!) Tell the guy who flips you off in traffic, "Oh ya, well you, mister, need to read single dating mommy dot blogspot dot com (all one word)!" Maybe one day I WILL write a book, and I will dedicate it to you (really, I promise...) unless I have a boyfriend (or God willing, a husband!!) because then it would probably be more appropriate to dedicate it to him...but maybe not. I don't know yet, geez, get off my back...I haven't even figured out the plot yet, or the characters (*cold sweat*) Truthfully, it will most likely be dedicated to my mom, who always, always believes, even when I don't.

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  1. See my comment under "Man Eater". (I particularly like that blog. Could be the picture. hahaha)