Sunday, January 2, 2011

Is it 2011 Already?

My, doesn't Y2K feel like it was just yesterday?

I'm not really one of those who makes wide sweeping changes and ridiculous resolutions for the New Year.  Two years ago, my New Years resolution was to have softer skin and instead I quit smoking (for 5 months).  Aim low, I always say, and you're bound to surprise yourself.  In fact, I'm not really one to ring the New Year in with a bang, either.  We all know I'm more of a home body than a party animal anyways, but I wonder if the pomp and circumstance goes hand in hand with the desire to make resolutions you can't  (or could) possibly keep.

This year, Q wanted to stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop.  Granted, this was totally my fault, because Q didn't even know what the "ball drop" meant, but he really, really wanted to stay up until midnight.  Me, I wanted to be in bed by 10.  Unfortunately, in situations like this Q always wins because of this overwhelming desire of mine to create happy childhood memories and traditions.  If I hadn't been feeling so horrid, I most likely would have had the presence of mind to have streamers and noise makers and he could have had ginger ale in a wine glass.  As it was, I was trying my best to stay awake and kept checking the channels to see if I could find the ball dropping anywhere a little earlier.  Midnight came and we went to bed, no wiser...just a little sleepier.

I wonder, though, if we had had the streamers and the pop, if maybe we would have been inspired to find things we'd like to do differently or better or even at all.  Maybe if there had been lots of people around, all shouting out the countdown to midnight, maybe then we would have a list of resolutions. 

Seeing as how it's January 2, 2011 and no longer New Years Day...

These are two things that are definitely going to know...just for the heck of it...

1.  My finances.  I live paycheck to paycheck, when in all reality I make enough money to live comfortably.  I shouldn't have to worry every month and wait for every second Thursday.  I need to learn to live within my means and be content with what I have.  Easy to say, but difficult (for me) to do.  Nothing like a Coach purse or a pretty pair of sparkly earrings to put a smile on your face and make you forget all your problems.

2.  My weight.  As I write this, I am snacking on creamy dill pickle chips.  Pretty sure that isn't going to help me lose the 30 or so pounds that I have put on since trying to quit smoking three times in two years.  But this is gonna be the year I try to have a healthy relationship with food.  Would it be better if I told you that the chips are my dinner?  It's not like I'm randomly snacking, or eating when I'm not hungry.  sheesh...


Being more organized sure would be nice. 

And neater.  Like tidier...not like, "Wow, you are so neat-o" neater.  But I guess organized and tidy go hand in hand, don't they?  

Wide sweeping changes?   Sometimes a gal just feels like a change...and it has nothing to do with the New Year or anything like that.  Sometimes, the blonde highlights just seem all too much, and the roots just drive you crazy, and the colour starts to look brassy and the money, don't even get me started.... you go back to your roots. 

Happy New Year, everyone.  Here's hoping that if you did make any New Years resolutions that they're attainable, easy to accomplish, and not too drastic.  How's that for mediocre!


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