Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spelling Dilemma

When I get a little bogged down by life, I tend to retreat into myself. 

Thus, the silence on my blog.

I really, really, really want to write...but my mind is blank...completely blank.  I get an inkling of an idea and then it is gone.  Never to return. 

Life is becoming just a little less stressful (phew!) so hopefully, the ideas will once again flow and I will bore you all soon with my mindless thoughts and endless beliefs.

But, I do have a quandary...

My son (love him to pieces) is not exactly a genius.  I'm sure it will come soon, and he has wonderful gifts and talents - like organizational, the kid just blows me away with his ability to put things in their place.  So, getting him to study for his spelling tests every week is kind of like getting him to pull his own teeth (hence we're going to the dentist to get the two front ones pulled on Friday.)  Granted, he's in grade one and so the words are *bag* and *snag* and *tag* and there's usually only 5 or 6 of them, but it's a constant fight. 

The test before last, he got 6 out of 6 and I was so proud.  I congratulated him for working hard towards a goal, and told him how proud Mommy was.  He got this sly little grin and I thought, "This is good.  He's got to experience studying hard and then reap the rewards of all that work."

This last test he also got 6 out of 6 and I was so excited.  We made a huge production about it and we called Daddy to brag about this fabulous accomplishment.  The conversation goes something like this...

"6 out of 6, Daddy!"

"Nope, there were 6 words, not 5."

"That's like 2 dollars, isn't it?"

"Oh, 25 cents a word?"

"So, 6 words at 25 cents each, how much does that make?"

I got really super mad.  Like irate.  Like speechless while your heart rate quickens.  I don't want to pay Q to do well in school.  I don't want money to be his goal.  I want pride in what he does to be his goal. 

What do you think?  Am I over reacting?  Is it okay that Q's dad is paying him to get his spelling words right?  It eliminates the fight, he's eager to do the work, and he learns the words.

But money becomes such a huge deal in every one's lives, I just don't want to it to become his driving force when he's so young.  He's only six.  Why can't we go through the blood, sweat and tears?  Don't you think he'll appreciate it all the more?  Not only that, we can't afford to pay him for every test, quiz and exam for the next 12 years.  He's setting a precedent and this is the guy who has a difficult time following through on anything.

What do YOU think?

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