Sunday, January 23, 2011

My New Love

Okay, so those who follow this blog regularly understand that I'm somewhat of a consumer.  I cannot help that I am swayed easily by creative marketing and fabulous items that will enhance the quality of my life.  I mean, who can deny how much my life has improved since I became the proud owner of one fuchsia pink Coach purse?  Or how much more enjoyable watching T.V. has become now that we watch it on a 32" Samsung HDTV?  

So..........the other day, I just happened to be waiting for a friend outside my phone service provider's store.  I had a few extra minutes to kill, so I went inside to 'browse'.  And they just happened to not be busy at all and they always seem to be v. helpful and v. friendly.  I casually asked about the iphone 4, but alas they were all sold out and weren't expecting any in for a month or more and they sell very fast and so basically, I was shite outta luck.  So, I waited for my friend outside the store.

Until, like a fairy tale or a rom com, the guy from the store comes running out after me, "Miss!  Miss!"  he called.  This, by the way always makes me laugh.  Do I look like a *miss* more than I look like a *ma'am* (which is even more hilarious to me)?  I guess it would be kind of inappropriate to call me *Babe* or *Sweet Love* and very impolite to call out, *hey, lady*.  Uh, where was I?  Oh ya, he runs out and get this...his manager is leaving the store right now to go pick up a new order that has just arrived, and it contains *gasp* the new iphone 4 (cue choir of angels) and he'll call me when she gets back.

At this moment, my friend arrives.  We shop, we bond, we eat.  We're getting ready to leave and seeing as how I parked by the store, I might as well stop in just to see if the phone has arrived...and get this...he's calling me as I walk in the store.

Is this not fate?

It's totally fate, right?


So, that's the long story.  The short story is that I bought me the new iphone 4 and I am in love.  It's just fabulous in every way.  As I signed the new contract, my heart went pitter patter and I thought to myself..."this is way better than getting married." 

I don't know if that's a bad thing.

I'm positively giddy over my new purchase and I think I've come to a life changing realization.  Forget small purchases.  They just prevent you from buying the big ones.  Save for the big ticket items...that's where the rush is.  The Coach purse, the HDTV, the new car. 

I can't wait for the next big purchase. 

And I'm sorry, but you're going to have to put up with a few more posts starring the newest baby of the family.  I'm sorry, but she is just that fabulous.

Ohhhh, maybe I should give her a 'Baby" because nobody puts baby in a corner...

Then is just a phone...*snicker snicker snort*


  1. What color is the phone? Pink? Hummm?

  2. *GASP* it is pink! how did you know???

    and by the way...guess what i got for christmas? from my mother? and exactly the link i posted on your blog! and she wasn't even directed to your blog! she just knew...

    she's good like that!