Sunday, February 20, 2011

Life Jackets Optional

My job.  What exactly is it that I do?  I mean, we all know I supervise...but what exactly does that mean? My employees ask me this all the time.  Of course, I know they're joking ( least that's what I tell myself...) geez those guys are so funny, they just crack me up!  But realistically, the employees in my area have over 300 years experience combined.  Who do I think I am to tell them what to do?  I've been in the area for almost two months now...

The other day, an employee *jokingly* asked me what I did.  All he sees (apparently) is me walking back and forth, smiling and chatting.  Yes, to the uneducated eye that may be what it looks like, but I look at it like this...

I'm the cruise director.  I'm the one who makes sure that you have what you need to keep yourself comfortable, that you're enjoying the ride, and that the boat doesn't leave without you.

I'm Julie McCoy from the Love Boat.

Unless there's a natural disaster or something...then I'm like the supervisor of the Chilean Miners...I'm the last one out, gotta make sure my peeps are safe.


  1. Hearty Congrats! Rain Drops " has chosen your blog for " Life is Good" award.

  2. I know it's a little belated, but THANK YOU sooooo much for nominating me!!! I really enjoy our little blogger friendship!