Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Love

I could bore you with stories about how fabulous my son is.  I could brag about what a genius he is.  I could tell you how he was born athletic.

Like today, for instance.  This kid, my kid, he scored two out of the three goals scored in the game.  This was a very, very good thing because they (the soccer people) were evaluating the boys today.  They were evaluating their skills and abilities so they can put them in know, the good kids with the good kids, the so-so kids with the so-so kids and the smart-but-not-very-athletic kids with the smart-but-not-very-athletic kids. 

The thing is...they didn't give us any notice.  I go to get the coffees from the car, and I come back and they're wearing these blue pinafores with numbers on them.  If we had a little bit of notice, we could have practiced the tough parts, you know, like the scoring and stuff.  But we didn't know.  We didn't know. 

And this is a lot of pressure.  Not for the kids.  They didn't even know.  It's pressure for us parents.  I don't want them to think Q needs to be placed with the kids who pick their noses and run away from the ball (I was the latter, definitely not the former...) 

To top the whole thing off, they put Q in a pinafore without a number on it.  The coaches said that they had decided the blank one was considered #0.  Sure, give my kid a complex.  The whole game I'm yelling, "GO ZERO!!!!!!" and "WAY TO PASS, ZERO!!!" and "WOW, THAT KID ZERO IS AWESOME!!!!"  The parents were laughing at me, but in their heads, I know they were thinking that I'm the crazy, psycho soccer mom.  While I will admit that I did get a little angry that the little girl who never comes to practice was having an exceptionally successful jaunt today, I am certainly not crazy.  I just want what's best for my child, because let's face it...he is the best.  In my eyes anyways.

His spelling tests, by the way have been perfect.  Perfect!  In fact, he says that they are getting too easy.  Now, granted the words are like "an" and "fan" but I love that he's so eager to be challenged.  You know what I mean?  Reading?  It's almost there, just on the tip of his tongue.  It's so exciting to be a part of his learning experiences.

We just bought Yahtzee because he's getting a little sick of Monopoly (truth be told, I was sick of Monopoly like 6 months ago...)  The game is for ages 8 and up.  Q took about two games to figure it out and now he is a Yahtzee whiz kid.  He's like Rain Man without the Autism.  Not only has he grasped the concept of all the different  combinations, but he's adding the dice in his head.  I stare in amazement at how this little mind works and all its complexity. 

And then for Valentine's Day, my little man and I had a date.  We went to McDonald's and ate Big Mac's and giggled at funny jokes and talked about our day.  And he made me my very own Valentine's card.  He made it two days before and I had to walk around the house with my eyes closed, so I didn't ruin the surprise.  Then he hid it in his bedroom for the big day...

I'm not quite sure who Moy is, but boy is she ever  lucky!!

Sometimes I love him so much my chest actually hurts.  I want to cry with love for him.  It's indescribable the love I feel for him.  I'm the luckiest gal in the world.

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