Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stoppin' on a Dime

Okay, so remember the fabulous rush I got a while back (here) when I spent ridiculous amounts of money on my new iPhone 4?  Remember how my heart pounded with excitement?  Remember how I thought, "I don't ever have to get married, I just have to buy really expensive things!!!" 

Well, today I also had the opportunity to spend exorbitant amounts of money. 

It's not as much fun buying brakes and rotors for your car.  And it's really not fun when the total is $343.00.  My heart did beat extra fast, but it wasn't in a "OMGoodness, this is so exciting!!!!"  It was more of a "whooooo boy, I hope I have enough money for groceries when this is over."

Of course, I really cannot deny that those brakes are damn fine.  I mean, they stop like nobody's business.  So, I guess that's a good thing.  And I must say that it's really quite nice to be able to drive over 60kph and not have the steering wheel shake so bad my whole dash board rattles.  To be honest, it crossed my mind that a tire might just *pop* off on the highway whilst driving to work.  But guess what...none of this will ever happen in the next couple of years (God willing) because I have new brakes and air in my tires. 

Well, I'm prettty sure that I have air in my tires...I assume that's part of a tune up. 

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