Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Daddy's Birthday

I've noticed that this blog is really just about me.  If you notice, most posts start with the word "I" or "My"...

Hmmmm.  Anyways...

It's my daddy's 70th birthday today.  I can't believe he's 70 years old.  He's back in Calgary and time constraints and money meant that I couldn't fly home to celebrate with him.  It sounds like it's okay, though, because he doesn't want a big celebration until he turns 75.  I guess 70 isn't a big enough deal for a party.  I guess I have five years to save up for his shindig in 2016.

Because I couldn't be there and because I work with a bunch of scrapbooking fiends at work who are always talking about it.  (Two of them are going on a *scrapbooking retreat* in Drayton, Alberta - A.K.A the middle of nowhere.  We're joking that it's Thelma and Louise, the later years...because of course they survived that crash off the the cliff.)  Anyways, it gave me the itch.  The creative, must create, artsy fartsy itch.  So I spent a few evenings and ended up with these...

I gave my dad the one in the back...the manliest of them all!

Granted they all turned out a little girly.  But I'm a girl, so it kind of goes with the territory.  So much fun though.  I wish I had more time and energy...not to mention the money.   Q's whole first year was scrapbooked, and then like a total cliche, I ran out of time.  Usually happens with the second child, but I'm a little abnormal.  Oh, and I'm a single mom who works full time.  Maybe I'll get to it all when Q is 18...


  1. Those cards are super fabulous! Your dad will be so pleased.

  2. Cool card...Belated Happy B'day wishes to your dad....

  3. Thanks for the comments, ladies. It was super fun to create. I think in my next house, I'm going to have to have a "Crafts" room

  4. Amazing cards -- maybe you have a new business lurking there.