Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Momma's Day

There is really nothing else in this world that defines me as much as being "Mummy" to my Q.  It's who I am.  I can't even imagine my life without the little bug around.  I tell my mom that I should actually get presents from her on Mother's Day because without me, she wouldn't even be a mother.  (Coincidentally, I think she might be listening because this year, I actually did get some pressies from her...haha, my plan is working...)

One thing my ex and I started doing after the split was taking Q out and buying presents for the other parent on special occasions like Mother's Day or birthdays or Christmas.  Truthfully, it's never anything expensive, but Q, the ever determined little boy, always gets a clear idea in his head before we go shopping of what he wants to buy.

One year, for instance, I got a can opener.  Yup.  A can opener.  One of those electric ones that no one in the house knows how to use.  It takes like 20 minutes to open a can.  Seriously.  But the little guy was so excited, he could hardly even wait as I opened it on Christmas morning.  Once I had opened it and ohhhh'd and awwwwww'd over it, he says, "and you know what the best part is, Mommy?  Everything in the kitchen is white, but the can opener is black, so everyone will see it!!!"  How can you not keep a can opener for the next 20 years with excitement like that?  This year for Christmas I got an Iron.  So I "don't have to share with Nana anymore." 

I have a jewelry box that Q made two years ago for Mother's Day.  His dad says he spent hours every day for weeks (maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but maybe not) making it out of an old box.  It's the most beautiful jewelry box I've ever seen, if not the most practical.  My necklaces get tangled up in each other and I have a heck of a time finding my earrings, but I know I'll have it when I'm 85.  I know he smiles every single time I open it to get a ring out.  He knows I love it.

This year, Q made a storybook at school for me about me.  "This is my Mother," it says.  "She likes to sleep."  This just kills me, because out of everything in the whole world he could say, two years in a row he's written about how much I like to sleep.  I've got to find a more exciting hobby!  "She looks the prettiest when we go to the beach.  I love her very much because she loves me back."  It's stuff like this that makes me just want to bawl.  He's just such a beautiful little guy.

Then, there's stuff like this....

Q:  Mommy, if dinosaurs were still alive, they would eat you.

Me:  Ya, well...they'd eat you too!

Q:  No.  They only like the fat ones.

Yup, such a beautiful little guy....

Happy Mother's Day, my friends.

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