Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Photo Op

Every time I look at Q, I think he's grown at least an inch - especially if he's been at his dad's for a couple of days.  It's one of those motherhood-y things that I'm totally powerless to change.  He's gonna grow whether I want him to or not.  And realistically, who wants a 6 year old for 20 years straight?  While we might mourn the loss of our babies, everything happens for a reason - kids grow up so their parent's don't go crazy. 

His looks are changing constantly and I'm not the best photographer.  Correction:  my iPhone is not the best camera.  I wanted to capture his youth, his happiness and him.  As a single mom I can't afford those super cool photographers, but I didn't want the Walmart photo shoot, either.  You know the ones I'm talking about...the ones that show up on Ellen in her "Worst Photo's Ever...." segment.

Along came Groupon.  For a mere $49.00, we got a one hour "photo shoot" and 10 pictures of our choice.  Granted, the guys at MAP Group are just starting out, but they were very professional and friendly.  The one guy even carried around my purse and ice cappuccino everywhere we went, even when I insisted it wasn't necessary.  I joked I was going to bring him with me everywhere I went.  The other guy didn't know if he should laugh every time (I mentioned it three times, at least) I told him his one goal for the day was to make me look 30lbs less.  He just kept nodding and saying, "Okay, Okay..."  They gave us the opportunity to capture a few moments in time.  Just to show how fast my lil man is growing...when I made the appointment to get the pictures done, Q had no front teeth.  By the time the big day arrived, he had four very, very large ones...

Anyways, I highly recommend MAP and I highly recommend Groupon.  In fact, there are so many out there, go to One Spout (www.onespout.com), for every single discount you could ever imagine.  You're welcome!!

us in a tree.  a tree we climbed!!

time for a nap - being a model is exhausting


my love

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  1. Those are amazing, fantastic, wonderful pictures. I love them.