Sunday, May 15, 2011

Things I'm Loving

I'm doing really awesome sticking to my budget.  I really, really am.  I'm so proud of myself.  I've saved like, almost uh....well, um.....

...okay, so I'm not doing very well sticking to my budget.  Truth be told, I don't really have a budget.  If I see something I like, I buy it - within reason, of course.  If it's ridiculously expensive (expensive is really a relative term...) or if I don't really need it (yes, I did need that third pair of black sweat pants...this pair has bling!)  I am able to put it down and walk away...but I have to walk away very quickly so I don't change my mind.  Thank God I haven't run screaming back into a store like a mad woman grabbing a coveted item and then buying one in every colour.


Anyways, here are a few things that I'm loving and fit the *budget*.  I suggest you all go out and get one of each.

Aren't these the most adorable shoes you've ever seen?  Don't you remember your first pair of jelly shoes when you were 6?  I do, and I feel just as giddy and carefree when I wear these.  Honestly, I wore them out of the store and had to resist the urge to skip down the mall.  The flowers are fabric with little silver grommets in the middle.  Just go here, and you, too, can feel like a child again!  Best part ever?  They're $19.99.  Of course mine are pink, but they also come in black and white (my brother's gf got the white ones.  They are so fabulous with her blue pedi!!)  If you feel like an excuse to go to the mall, they're sold at Spring (or Call It Spring?  I don't know, they keep changing their name.)
I am fighting a losing battle with my face on a daily basis.  Something about it not getting the memo that I am not 14, I'm 34 - and therefore should no longer be getting zits.  In an attempt to combat the *aging* that's lurking around every corner, I was using this fabulously creamy moisturizing foundation.  The coverage was great, but I think it was too moisture-y for me.  Since I've started using Pur Minerals foundation, my skin is looking 100 times better.  Just a few of the benefits - it's a powder, but it's not cakey, it blends so nicely with my skin tone, you use very little, it uses no preservatives (like parabins), it's all natural (minerals, actually!!), it's a foundation and concealer in one, and they don't test on animals.  Is it a miracle?  I think so.  It's just like Bare Minerals, but it's cheaper (cue angelic choir).  Check it out here.

Also in my search/battle for clear, beautiful skin I've actually ditched the pro-activ.  It's horribly drying on my face and I think that's part of the reason why I kept breaking out, my skin kept producing too much oil and then clogged my pores.  I went for a facial once (in my life) and she told me that pro-activ works like a steroid and thins out your skin, so later on you get more wrinkles.  My doctor told me that the makers of pro-activ are marking geniuses, and all you really need to do is go to your local pharmacy and pick up some Benzoyl soap for $14.99 and you're gold.  Just because Jessica Simpson endorses it, they charge the moon and the stars.  Every dermatologist out there is kicking themselves for not thinking of it first. 

This, Clear Advantage, is awesome.  I love the smell.  It's like I give myself a mini facial every morning and every evening.  My best friend sells this stuff, so I know it's good.  Arbonne also does not use any preservatives (you know they're linking that shit to cancer, right?), it's all natural, and it soothes instead of eats away at my skin.  It uses Salicylic acid instead of Benzoyl peroxide.  If you've tried everything else, and nothing works...

...this will.  Or your money back.  Seriously.  You can check out all their products at  You can even tell her I sent you (don't expect any freebies, though....geez).

So, we have our sandals, we have our glowing skin.  Summer (read: SUN), we are so ready for you.

Rain - take the hint, dude.

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