Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oprah + PMS

...equals one hour of bawling like a baby. 

I haven't watched Oprah in years.  It was more of a late '90's, early 2000 thing to do, in my opinion.  Her show changed in recent years too.  It used to be that she had guests on who were real people with a story to tell, but lately it's become her platform to just talk about whatever was important to her.  And who wants to hear all about one person spouting off ideas and thoughts and....erm....uh....unless you're reading my blog, of course.  Then it's okay...and much appreciated, actually.

There are a few guests from way back that I still remember to this day.  One was an older black woman (I think she was in her 70's) who woke up in her home to some guy trying to rape her.  Well she grabbed his balls in one hand, his penis in the other and pulled them each in different directions.  This guy was begging her to call the cops, he was in so much pain. 

One couple weren't having any sex anymore in their marriage because the husband always came home from work at the end of the day and said, "Oh, baby.  I'm so tired..."  To this day, I use that phrase just like he did...with a low, southern drawl..."Owh, bay-be...Ahm soooo t'rrrrrrrrd."  But not about sex...everything else, though!

Then there was the mother, Erin Kramp, who was dying of breast cancer.  She had a six year old little girl who she wouldn't be able to see grow up.  Instead of wallowing in self pity, rolling up into a ball, and crying for the last six months of her life, she recorded hundreds of hours of tapes for her daughter.  They included advice for life, how to wear make up, what to look for in a husband.  She told her how much she loved her, how she'd be watching over her from heaven, and how she hoped she'd never be forgotten. 

Almost fifteen years later, and that little girl has grown up to be a wonderful woman, with memories of her mother never far from her mind...

I know it's my greatest fear - not being around to see my son grow up, not being there for his graduation or his children.  This story is so, so sad and yet at the same time, it gives a completely new definition to selflessness and love.  It's a story of inspiriation.  It's a reminder that our children are a gift and a treasure.  We have so much to teach them, so much to give them.  Motherhood truly is the greatest gift on earth, now go kiss your kids.

Pass the tissue, please. 

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