Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Have you ever got to an intersection and freaked out because the light is green and you have no idea what to do? No? Me neither... Okay, but really, it's only a split second freak out. Those in cars around you or even IN the car with you don't even know you're freaking. But you look at the light, which is green, and think, "What does this mean??" Do I put my foot on the gas? Do I stop? Why can't I remember? And then suddenly, it hits you - Green Means Go. Phew, crisis averted. I'm putting sugar in the fridge and milk in the cupboard. I can't find my car keys. Anywhere. And then I find them, right there where I put them. Of course, the hypochondriac in me is thinking this is the onset of dementia and that I'm just a skipping stone away from leaving the house with nothing on but my grandmother's pearls and fluffy green slippers. But then again, my mother has consistently been losing her car keys for the past ten years, so maybe it's hereditary. I realize the more logical explanation is that my brain is on information/event overload. Work, finances and Q, oh my! My brain needs a vacation. Unfortunately, it takes said vacation right before an intersection.

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