Thursday, August 20, 2009

Arrrgh, Me Matey!

Phew, I can't even tell you how glad I am that birthday parties come only once a year! I am exhausted. I am by no means a Martha Stewart type, nor am I rich enough to hire someone to do the job for me, so I make do. I know that as a single mom, there are a lot of things I cannot offer Q, so when his birthday rolls around, I like to make an absolutely huge deal out of it. I mean, it is the celebration of the day he was born, and it marks the most fabulous day of my life!
For the past month or so, Q and I have gone to every party supply store, dollar store, craft store and Walmart within a 30 mile radius. Our goal = pirate party. Oddly enough, this is not as easy as it sounds. I thought that with Pirates of the Caribbean out, there would be oodles and caboodles of pirate themed paraphanalia, but no. No, nope, nu-unh. I guess if I really wanted to I could have bought the 150 skull balloons online, and I could have spent $30.00 shipping them.
However, this is what we did do...

We made our invitations by taking a tea bag and 'sponging' it on the paper to give it an antique-y look. I tried to burn the edges, just for an added touch, however paper burns. Fast. And I value having a place to live, so thought it wouldn't be a good idea to burn it down in order to make my invitations look 'old.' We rolled them so they looked like scribbles and tied them with ribbon. I found a website with pirate talk, and arrrrg matey we were on our way!!!

For the table cloth, I bought a black one and made a skull stencil (couldn't find one of them anywhere) and stencilled silver skull and cross bones all over the table cloth. Some places bled, but that made it look piratey authentic. How many pirates would take the time to make sure the skull they drew stayed inside the lines? They were too busy pillaging and such.

It's never a party til Q starts disrobing...
Each child was given an eye patch, earring and skull bandanna. Surprisingly, this one was not the huge hit that Q and I thought it would be. One *boy* was afraid the bandanna would mess his hair...seriously, a metro-sexual 5 year old. Who'da thunk it!
The loot bags were filled with gold coin chocolates, candy necklaces, pirate tattoos and stickers, telescopes. And the coolest thing, I found these pencil crayons in a black case that looked like a telescope, and found these silver rub-on skulls - Instant pirate! The bags were clear cellophane so that you could see all the piratey goodness!
Q helped with everything. EVERYTHING. What 5 year old helps build loot bags, sponge table cloths, picking out bandannas, blowing up balloons? This one did. He had input during every stage of the planning, even down to location.
And this is just one of the many reasons why I love my little boy...
Q's friend A was born with a B12 deficiency, which you wouldn't think to be so big of a deal, but it really, really was. His sight was affected among other things. A doesn't like loud noises or kids too close to him. But Q and A have wonderful relationship. Q takes care of A. Given the choice between the 'new park at Bear Creek' or the 'old park in Queens' Q decided that we should have the party at Queen's Park, because A wouldn't be afraid of the slides. He's my wonderful, thoughtful, kind boy and I am proud of him beyond words.

This, my friends, is the sign of a good party!!

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