Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm in, Totally in

First and foremost, my single mommies...if you are looking for single daddies THE place to go is a water slide park. Seriously, they are everywhere. Everywhere I looked, there was a dad, with a child with no ring and no woman (which I realize is relative, but I'm just saying it's a good starting point...) It almost made me wish I hadn't guilted my brother and his gf to join us! Okay, okay, I loved that they came with us. It was the perfect day!! But, holy geez lesson learned. Single daddies take their kids to water parks. Now I think I'm onto something - Single dad's take their kids places, right? You know because they don't know how to entertain them at home (after all, that's our job as mommies...right?) So, here's the golf, bowling, go-karting, swimming pools, amusement parks. Single men will be here with their children. You're welcome!! Please let me know if you have any luck, and I will do the same!! So, Mr. (un)fab totally stood me up all weekend, which actually was 3 days because it was a long weekend. So, not surprised! Of course, I didn't spend the weekend pining for him and waiting by the phone for his call (I have a cell allows me to wait by the phone without waiting by the phone...this is a minor technicality.) Tonight a friend of mine arranged for a few of us single mom's to get together at Boston Pizza for dinner. It's totally kid friendly and get eat free as long as parent eat. It was a nice cheap evening. The four kids entertained each other while us mother's bonded over horror birth stories. This is when it hit me. I'm part of a club. An elite club. The "I gave birth and survived" club. Okay, okay so it's not so elite. Basically, if you have an uterus, you're in. But whatever, it's a club and I belong. Men don't get it, women who've never been in labour don't understand. And it's not something you can explain. Every single event is different from the other. One woman was given medication that the doctor mis-prescribed for her during her 5th month and had a heart attack. The doctor's kept shuffling her between the cardiac ward and the maternity ward because they couldn't figure out what needed their attention more, her unborn child or her failing heart. My girlfriend gave birth (as a single mom) to her daughter with a cleft palate. Of course this was unbeknownst to her, so when they whisked her new born away without a word, she got a little say the least. Another one had was induced at 33 weeks. She gave birth to a 3lb baby who was immediately taken to the NICU. And you all know my story...I'm kinda vocal about it. That's just four stories. Births are taking place every minute (or maybe even every second) of every day. And we're in a developed, wealthy nation with pretty awesome health care. What's your story? I'm pretty adamant that if I'm ever crazy enough to have another baby, I want to be knocked out for the whole thing. They can wake me up when it's over. But for now, I will take pride in knowing that I'm in - totally in - the (crazy) mom's club.

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