Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Text Wars

I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, after all I am an adult. Here's the deal...I have been having an argument in my head with Mr. (un) fab all evening. I mean, that in itself isn't so childish...I hope. What makes it super childish is that I'm having a text argument with Mr. (un) fab. Our relationship, due to our schedules (or so he says...) has existed almost solely in texts. So, it's really quite fitting that we would fight in texts as well. It's kinda difficult though, because everything I say is limited to 140 characters. Not so easy, because I have to get the emotion right, the words right, all in 140 letters. It's been going something like this... him: hey babe. how was yr wknd? me: yr kiddin rite? him: why? o yr mad? me: uh ya. wats yr excuse now? me: lemme guess...u were abducted by aliens him: no, but...(and here he'll insert some utterly ridiculous excuse for why he stood me up) me: u no wat. nevamind. pls jus go away Ya, that's all I've got so far. It's a work in progress. However in the end, I've decided that the adult thing to do is to just let it be. Let it be. I'm not going to be mean, I'm not going to be a bitch. Silence. This guy just keeps sucking me back in with his smooth words and I think every time, "ya, he's right. I'm totally overreacting here. It's okay." Bottom line, it's NOT okay. Me making excuses for anyone to anyone is not okay. I've given him opportunity after opportunity to redeem himself, and he still keeps doing stupid things. I deserve more than this. One of my best friends always says, "C, women are not crazy. Men make women that way. Us women need to stick together" I usually roll my eyes and think she's crazy, but maybe she is right. Maybe 10% of women are crazy just by nature, the rest have all become bitter, grumpy, suspicious women because MEN have beat them down til they have no other choice. It's called baggage. I wish we could all just let it go. Coincidentally, I also believe that 10% of men are normal, and the remaining 90% are arses. Do the math, it doesn't bode well for us 'normal' women. If some guy has 5 ex's who hate his guts, it is not because he was wonderfully amazing during their relationship. It's more likely he was an ass. I bet he promised the world, then couldn't deliver. I'm going to give my thumbs a little rest and not text Mr. (un) fab. I'm going to save my wit and charm for someone who a) appreciates it and b) won't stand me up. Why? Because I'm worth it!!

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