Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Friend

I have this friend. She hates her job. I know, hate is a super harsh word, isn't it? It's true though, hate just about covers it. Despise is a close second. Loathe works, too. She can feel it suck the life out of her. She can feel her creativity slowly die every day she goes to work. She used to sing (I've heard it was beautiful) and she used to write poems and stories. She went to university, and was going to be a High School English teacher. She wanted to inspire kids to love literature, and she want to teach them to find their voice. It's sad really. She's trying to figure out why she's there - at this job now, because she absolutely believes there is a purpose to everything. So she knows there's a reason, but she can't see it.
She wants to know why it is an employee of her's decided it was necessary (not to mention appropriate) to strip nearly naked in front of her to prove he was not wearing a recording device. Or why one employee is wondering if ,when the Apocalypse strikes , we can use the tunnel under the building to um....sustain life (I've often wondered the same...) There's the employee who tried to hit her with his 2000lb forklift, you know, just for a joke. It might have been a test, though, to see if she was tough enough to do the job. And these are just a couple of horror stories.
It's not that she can't take the pressure, quite the opposite. She likes working hard. She likes chaos (organized chaos, of course.) She thrives in stressful situations, it's a talent - she's exceptionally good at it. But she wonders how on earth she's making a difference. What does it all mean? Please pray for my friend. She's discouraged. She's tired. She's coveting a job in a coffee shop that pays a cool million per year. Or a sugar daddy. Or maybe just some guidance and little bit of energy to get through the week.

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