Monday, March 21, 2011

Here We Go. Again.

So, we're moving.


I could make a career out of moving.  I move on average once a year. 

Not entirely by choice, mind you. 

Our landlords have decided to sell the house.  When we moved in, this obviously was not the plan.  We  said we were not moving, ever.  We were so super excited to move into a house, with a garage and a backyard and a dishwasher.  And the house has been good to us.  Our landlords had just married (each other) when we moved in, and I think this was a little bit of a *plan B* in case one of them needed/wanted an out.  With that in mind, the fact that they're selling their plan B is testament to the strength of their relationship and we absolutely cannot fault them for that. 

Truth be told, we had started looking before we knew they were going to sell.  There is a tenant downstairs who is less than like-able.  I think she is evil personified.  In early November, just after she had moved in she invited some guy over who he had just met and he slipped her some drug/she willingly took it and then freaked out/passed out with her five year old daughter sleeping in the next room.  Long story short, we had cops banging on our door at two in the morning asking us to look after her daughter so that child services didn't have to remove her from the home.  So, you think she'd be a little grateful, but no.  She calls our landlord every other day to complain about our noise, the soot in her fireplace ("It's so dirty"), her light bulbs ("They shouldn't be burning out after three months of living here").  There are men dropping by at all hours of the day/night, with her daughter sleeping soundly in the next room.  She and her daughter have screaming matches that last an hour.  She swears at her daughter, like...she drops the f-bomb all the time, when she's talking to her sweet, innocent little girl.  I could go on forever, but I've wasted enough time on her already.  But she makes it near unbearable to live here.

We've been looking.  We decided on a townhouse because the utilities will be less and we won't have to shovel the snow or mow the lawn.  I've decided those are man jobs.  Naturally, without a man...we need to live somewhere where they have *people* who do that kind of stuff.  Some place with a living room and a family room so that we (mom and me) can have our own space, if we need it.  Some place with more than one bathroom, because we can live together just fine, but we do not share our bathrooms - nah, I'm just kidding, it makes things easier when we don't have to share a sink.  A garage, storage. 

We found it!!

We move May 1, 2011.  We've found an awesome townhouse with everything we want, including an extra bathroom (3!!!!), a fenced in backyard, 10 minutes from Q's school (and his dad...meh.), and a garage with a sign...

No nosy neighbours, no annoying tenants, no shared laundry and a princess parking only pink.  Well, I think it's just meant to be.

I cannot decide what I'm more excited about..the cleaning, the packing, the moving or the painting. 


  1. Princess Parking Perfectly Personifies Passionate Pink Person!

  2. I'd be excited about the parking sign, "Princess", and call it a day! Congratulations on finding a new special spot so quickly!