Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Most Valuable Player

Soccer is over for the season.  We finished up a tournament on the weekend, which reminded me how glad I am not to be a hockey mom.  One tournament a year is good for me.  I tried my best to tone down the "Psycho Soccer Mom" and am proud to report there was at least one mom who was way more *crazy* than I.  And of course, I am super proud of my little soccer player, who just happens to also be the MVP for the U7 Super Racing Cobra Hawks.  Yes, they got to pick their own name and yes...us parents got confused all the time, so just sort of mumbled, "Go Super Racing....cahummmsdl hsdkssssssss!"  But I ask you this....Have you ever seen a Cobra Hawk?  I bet not.  But it would be pretty cool.  And really very scary.  Especially if it were racing. 

Q said that as they were handing out the award for MVP, his teammates were whispering, "Q, it's totally going to be you.  I just know, it's gotta be you!"  But you know, he did score 6 goals in the tournament.  The only six goals for his whole team for the whole tournament.  Plus, he was a goalie for one game and he had a shut out.  His dad is super lucky he didn't score 8 goals because then he would have had to buy Q hockey seasons tickets.

But most of all, he "had fun" and that's what counts.  Although, when asked, Q said the most important rule in soccer is to, "keep your head up."  We really can't argue with now, can we? 

Here is my little MVP in action, and *spoiler alert* he doesn't score any goals in the clip...he's the one in the red hood and the sweat pants. 

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